Cruz: ‘The Answer Is Not to Invade Mexico’

( – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Tuesday that the solution to dealing with the Mexican drug cartels like the ones who kidnapped four Americans and killed two of them is not to invade Mexico like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is suggesting.

Cruz blamed President Biden’s leadership and border policies, and he accused the president of making the drug cartels “multi-billionaires.”

“Listen, those who kill American citizens must be held accountable, and, at the first instance, this wouldn’t happen if we had responsible presidential leadership. Joe Biden created the chaos at the border. Joe Biden stopped building the wall. He reinstated catch and release,” the senator told Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“He pulled out of Remain in Mexico, and what Joe Biden has done is he has turned these vicious narco terrorists into multi-billionaires. Let me give you an amazing statistic. In the year 2018 – this is according to the ‘New York Times’ – the Mexican drug cartels made roughly $500 million. That’s a lot of money,” he said.

“Last year, they made $13 billion. That’s 2,600 percent more. That is what Joe Biden did. Joe Biden becoming president is the best thing that ever happened to the Mexican drug cartels. Of that 13 billion, they make about half their money on human trafficking, about half of their money on drug trafficking,” Cruz said.


“You just played Karine Jean-Pierre saying fentanyl has never been better. I actually wonder if the reporters in the briefing room scooted back afraid that lightning was going to hit the podium. I mean, good god, last year, we had the highest number of drug overdoses in the history of our country – over 100,000 drug overdoses in the United States, the majority of which came from Chinese fentanyl flooding across this border,” he said.

“Joe Biden and the Democrats are responsible for turning these vicious murderers into multi-billionaires. We need to bankrupt them. We need to put them out of business and the people responsible for these murders need to be brought to justice,” the senator said. 

Meanwhile, Graham introduced a bill to designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations and authorize military action against them. However, Cruz said, that’s not the answer.

“Listen, let me be clear. Lindsey is my colleague, but I’m not with him. The answer is not to invade Mexico. I don’t think the answer is to just go to war with whatever country you are mad at. You know, you think about the answer. Stand up to them,” he said.

Cruz said that Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who he refers to as AMLO, thinks that Biden is weak.

“When Donald Trump was president, AMLO, who’s the same anti-American leftist then as he is now, was afraid of Donald Trump. AMLO agreed to the remain in Mexico agreement. AMLO put soldiers on Mexico’s southern border and we ended up getting the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years. The reason this is so bad is AMLO thinks that Joe Biden is a wimp,” he said.

“I have got to tell you, Jesse. You should watch the press conference that AMLO did with Biden where AMLO stands there and in Spanish boastingly says Joe Biden is the first president Republican or Democrat, who hasn’t built a single meter of border wall and he’s thanking him for his open border policies. Do you know what? The drug cartels are, also,” the senator said.

“The answer is not just go to war with Mexico. The answer is put pressure on Mexico and have the Mexican army show up, arrest these guys, extradite them to the United States. They need to be prosecuted and face the full force of American justice, and if we had a president with a scintilla of willingness to stand up to other nations, that’s exactly what would be happening right now,” he said.

Cruz said that the Biden administration has been lying about the border.

“I will tell you there is no shortage of disastrous statements when it comes to the open border. You also have Karine Jean-Pierre who claims nobody is just walking across the border, which is another brazen lie. You have Joe Biden who has been to the southern border once,” he said.

“He went to El Paso 800 miles away from the Rio Grande Valley and amazingly enough. He said he went to the southern border and didn’t see a single illegal alien, which is extraordinary political theater because they cleaned everyone off the streets and then said look, nobody is here,” the senator added.


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