Dangerous, Poorly Tested Abortion Pills Have Horrific Effects on Women and Young Girls

Arguments against the use of abortion pills were clear in the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA case (AHM v. FDA). Medical abortions apparently carry with them a risk of complications four times higher than surgical abortions.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research arm of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, filed an amicus brief detailing more than a dozen concerns with regard to the FDA’s flawed approval of the abortion causing drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Some of the key arguments included the following: “The abortion pill is approved for use on young girls, even though the FDA ignored its own rules by performing no studies focused on girls under the age of 18; The FDA approved telemedicine abortions in 2021 based on studies that utilized physical examinations and ultrasounds, which are not required for telemedicine; distribution of the abortion pill regimen via the mail or telemedicine puts women at increased risk of coercion and abuse”.

In a webinar hosted today by Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America and the Charlotte Lozier Institute, Dr. Ingrid Skop, M.D., FACOG, discussed how the effectiveness of these drugs seems to be judged by their ability to kill the fetus with no regard for whether or not they can also keep the mother’s life safe.

Apparently women are being told that these pills are safer than Tylenol, only to later face unexpected consequences.


According to Dr. Skop, the CDC does not seem to have a way of recording chemical abortion related maternal mortality rates, and when it comes to suicides after abortion, which generally go up, there is also no data at all.

Distribution of these pills via mail or prescription through telemedicine does not require any physician visits, so no ultrasounds and other medical testing, which means the mother has to guess how far along the pregnancy is. This puts her life further at risk, because the pills are only safe to use up to a certain point, and, when it comes to ectopic pregnancies, a potentially fatal condition when the fetus develops outside the uterus, there is no way of detecting this unless one goes to a doctor.

Dr. Skop calls for the education of the population with regard to these terrible dangers. Some women she has treated in the wake of medical abortions described the pregnancy ending experience as a “horror movie” or “slaughter house”. Many have had to face seeing their dead babies in the toilet, clearly identifiable, after taking the pills, and have faced severe mental health issues because of this.

In the Lozier Institute amicus brief, she noted:

“I’ve performed at least a dozen surgeries on women who experienced complications when the abortion pill regimen failed, including one emergency surgery just last month.  I’ve cared for women who took mifepristone and misoprostol to induce an abortion and required blood transfusions or treatment for severe infections.

“Planned Parenthood and the FDA turn a blind eye to what happens in the real world when these dangerous drugs are given to women with little or no supervision.  Typically, the abortionist isn’t providing follow-up care.  Instead, these women are ending up in already over-worked emergency rooms with complications that the FDA doesn’t even bother to track.”

And, as noted earlier, when pills are mailed to people across the country, there is no way to check for whether the person taking them is in an abusive relationship, or the victim of human trafficking, or incestuous abuse and violence. A victim, who, by going to a medical facility would at least have had a chance of exposing her situation, is now completely abandoned.

For Dr. Skop the situation is clear:

“This case about the abortion pill makes it clear to the country that the FDA put politics over people. The FDA broke their own rules when reviewing the abortion drug mifepristone and turned a blind eye to its dangerous complications, endangering women and girls for two decades. Ignoring the science on the abortion drug, the Biden FDA used the pandemic to expand mail-order abortion drugs without any in-person doctor visit, which 63% of Americans oppose and which puts women at risk of coercion, hospitalization and even death. We call on the FDA to reverse that decision, as well as to implement and enforce mandatory reporting of complications by all physicians so that women understand the true risk to their lives and health.” 

But for those looking to politicize the abortion debate, nothing is too nonsensical or dangerous to attempt or legalize. They seem to leisurely sit on the sidelines and watch the effects of their policies: dead babies, traumatized and dead women, a polarized society, a manipulated narrative and populace. They teach other to raise clothing hangers and shout “never again!” or “keep abortion safe” while ensuring that the procedure is in fact increasingly turned into a horrific, traumatizing, and life threatening experience.


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