'Defund the Police' has had Devastating Consequences for Both Officers and the Public

Another day, another situation that puts our police officers in peril.

This week it was in Maryland, where a 24-year old man named David Linthicum allegedly shot two police officers, leaving one on life support as a result. A manhunt soon followed, with the suspect recently being taken into custody.

The officers were just doing their job when they were shot. Someone had called them to report a potential suspect, and, when confronted, Linthicum shot them and went on the run. He was apprehended soon after, when he surrendered peacefully.

This is a story I’m hearing way too often – and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

We hear about police officers that are thrown into dangerous circumstances because they didn’t have the proper equipment to keep them alive. And what’s to blame for it? You guessed it, the “defund the police”movement.


I’ve discussed it in the past, but you may not understand what lingering effects have come from “defund the police” since it began in 2020. With the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA have called for officers to be punished, despite the fact that a majority of them serve a greater purpose in keeping people safe.

But the riots managed to convince key politicians out there to slash budgets, in the hopes of bringing balance back and keeping everyone happy. Only…it didn’t.

Fast forward nearly three years after Floyd’s death, and it’s chaos. Thousands of officers have left their post during this time frame. Some left willingly, unable to cope with the mental strain coming from the lack of support from citizens and their local government alike. Others were fired unfairly, like the 2,000 officers and public workers cast out by New York City after they refused to take a COVID-19 vaccine that they knew very little about.

It’s also gotten worse for some. Some lost their lives, including a few in Chicago who felt suicide was the only answer. Think about it. The budgets were slashed so badly that officers now couldn’t receive mental support for what tolls their jobs was taking on them. It’s an outright shame, because, with the right amount of funding, those officers might still be alive.

But there’s more. As a result of this budget slashing, we’re putting police on the streets when they aren’t clearly prepared for duty. Just look at what happened in Memphis, when five completely unprofessional officers took the life of young Tyre Nichols. It just doesn’t make sense.

What’s more, even with rising crime rates and the disarray from what’s happening with the police, there are still those out there who believe that defunding the police was the right move. Seriously? Leaving them ill-equipped to handle life-threatening situations? Not giving them the support they require in order to keep doing their job efficiently? How in the world do you consider this the right move?

Now it’s come down to more officers being attacked.

But enough is enough. Congress has a “fund the police” bill, which President Biden continues to trumpet but does very little on. It’s time to finally pass it. It’s time to give our officers the support they deserve, especially in these dire times. It’s time to fund the kind of training that will prepare new ones for the road ahead.

It’s time to provide gear and mental health for those who truly need it, before it’s too late. And it’s time to educate the critics who believe that “defund the police” was the right move. Again, it wasn’t.

We need to do all this for the officers we’ve lost, for the officers we can’t get back, for the ones still holding on to the idea that their job matters.

Because, guess what? It does! It’s a vital part of a healthy society.


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