Dem Rep. Says Quiet Part Out Loud; Calls Constitutional Rights “Bullshit” During Debate On Gun Rights

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The Democrats clearly don’t care about the Constitution or the rights that it protects and one Democrat made that perfectly clear during a hearing on gun rights.

Democratic congressman David Cicilline slipped and said the quiet part out loud as he told House Republicans to “spare me the bullshit about Constitutional rights.”

During a House Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday, the Rhode Island congressman directed his rage towards Florida congressman Matt Gaetz and other Republicans who oppose gun control measures.

Gaetz was attempted to insert an amendment to the legislation stating: “Congress disfavors the enactment of laws that authorize a court to issue an extreme risk protection order, also known as Red Flag laws, in the States because such laws trample on an individual’s due process and Second Amendment rights.”


But this triggered Cicilline to call the defense of Americans’ constitutional rights “bullshit”.

Yahoo News reports: The congressman complained that Republicans believe people who pose an “imminent danger to themselves and others, such as they might commit mass murder, have a constitutional right to access a firearm. And to deny them that right would, quote, ‘trample on an individual’s due process and second amendment rights.’”

“You know who didn’t have due process?” Cicilline continued. “You know who didn’t have their constitutional right to life respected? The kids at Parkland, and Sandy Hook, and Uvalde and Buffalo, and the list goes on and on.”

“So spare me the bulls— about constitutional rights.”

At this point, Gaetz attempted to interrupt Cicilline asking “will the gentleman yield?”

“I will not yield, and I’m not gonna yield for my entire 5 minutes, so don’t ask again,” Cicilline responded.


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