Democrat Charlie Crist Wins Fla. Gubernatorial Primary: 'I'm Running on Love and Love Always Wins'

( – Former Republican Charlie Crist is running for Florida governor again, this time as a Democrat, and he says love is on his side.

Crist will face Republican Ron DeSantis in November.

“He is on the battlefield of hate,” Crist said about DeSantis on Wednesday morning.

“I’m on the battlefield of love. There’s faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love, it’s in Corinthians in the Bible. I’m going to beat him because I’m running on love and love always wins.

“And if he wants to run on hate and culture wars and dividing people and making people hate each other, that’s his turf. It’s not mine.

“I’m on a different plane. I’m on a different turf. And it’s what Floridians deserve. You know, he’s torn my state apart. And Florida’s beautiful, as everybody knows. I want to bring her back together. That’s what this campaign is about. Hate versus love. His hate, our love. God’s love.”

Love is one thing, but Crist said he’s also running on abortion rights, voting rights, and “affordability.”

He said Roe v. Wade is a “huge issue, critically important,”


“And I’ve said, the first day of the second Crist administration, I will sign an executive order making sure that we protect a women’s right to choose in the Sunshine State. What else do you need to know? The contrast doesn’t need to be set up. The contrast actually is crystal clear. There’s Crist for women, and there’s the other guy, DeSantis against them.”

On voting rights, Crist invoked the late Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat.

“What a civil rights, voting rights icon in our country,” Crist said.

“He used to say to me all the time — and anybody else who would listen — ‘Charlie, our right to vote is so important. It’s precious.’ He said it’s so precious, it’s probably sacred, Godly. And he was right, because he would say, you know, your vote is your voice. And if you don’t vote, you’re not heard. And John Lewis had it right.

“And I think that a woman’s right to choose, respecting women, literally what this is about — DeSantis doesn’t. He tears them down. He tears down LGBTQ.

“You know, he tears down African Americans and their right to vote, making it harder to vote. Not having drop boxes in communities throughout our state. I mean, it’s unconscionable what he’s done, but he’s running for president of the United States…”

Crist also mentioned “affordability in the Sunshine State” as a campaign issue.

“Our property insurance is through the roof. Trying to buy a house in Florida anymore, you can’t do it, unless you’re a millionaire or billionaire and most of us aren’t. And so we need someone in the governor’s office who’s really got our back.”


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