Democrat Congressman Anticipates Eventual Need for ‘Offensive Systems’ in Ukraine

( – “Well, I’ll just tell you, the war is going well for Ukraine,” Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) told CNN on Thursday, after he and other House members received a classified briefing from the Pentagon.

Moulton, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, praised the resilience of the Ukrainian people, who are “going to fight through the winter,” he said. “And with our assistance, they’re going to win this war.”

Moulton, who recently visited Ukraine, said he expects an eventual Ukrainian need for “offensive” systems, which the Biden administration has resisted sending, to avoid U.S.-enabled attacks by Ukraine on Russian territory.

“We are not going to send to Ukraine rocket systems that can strike into Russia,” Biden said at the end of May.

“Well, they made the point that their needs have changed over time,” Moulton told Wolf Blitzer:


“If you remember when the war kicked off, they wanted Stinger missiles because they were so concerned about Russian fighter jets and bombers in the skies. We got them those and they were essential in the early part of the conflict. 

“But then they wanted advanced artillery systems to start taking territory back from the Russians. Now they need patriot missile defense to protect against this onslaught against their energy infrastructure. 

“But I suspect in the future they’re going to need more offensive systems. They may be requesting things like tanks and armored personnel carriers to go against the Russian defenses in the eastern part of the country. The Russians are digging in right now and Ukraine needs to take that territory back.”

Moulton scoffed at Russia’s warning on Thursday that U.S. troops could be targeted if the U.S. sends defensive Patriot missiles to Ukraine:

“It’s ridiculous,” Moulton said:

“And part of their warning was, if we give them patriot missile batteries, that makes them legitimate targets for attack, Wolf. No kidding. Of course the Russians would try to take out Patriot missile batteries. That’s such a non-threat. 

“And I think one of the lessons we all have to learn here is that Putin is a dangerous person. He’s a dangerous autocratic leader. But he’s a lot of bluster. He’s a lot of bluster. And he will back down. 

“Remember his terrible threat, if more countries join NATO? Two countries did and nothing happened. His terrible threats, if America provided any support to Ukraine whatsoever. Instead he’s now losing this war. 

“So we’ve got to not be cowed by Putin. That was a clear message that I took home from the American ambassador in Ukraine, who spent over a decade dealing with Putin in that part of the world. She said, let’s not be afraid of this guy, let’s make sure we win the war.” 

Blitzer asked Moulton if he’s concerned about Russia targeting Ukraine’s power grid, to freeze the people into submission.

“Well, listen, first of all, let me just say that I worry about the Ukrainian people every single day in this horrific war,” Moulton said:

“But I actually think they’re going to be pretty tough through this winter. Will Russia’s assault on energy infrastructure kill Ukrainians in their homes because they freeze to death? Yes, that will happen. But I think that we have often underestimated just how resilient the Ukrainian people are. And Putin’s idea that he’s going to bring them begging to the negotiating table just because he makes them cold, now, that just shows he doesn’t know the Ukrainian people.”

Moulton credited the Biden administration with doing a “great job” on diplomacy as it relates to Ukraine.

“In fact, they’re doing a good job on the military front as well. They’re doing a remarkable job of walking the line between not making this into a U.S. versus Russia, direct, full-on full conflict, not dragging U.S. troops in, while giving the Ukrainians everything they need. 

“I think the one criticism you’ll hear on a bipartisan basis from Congress about the administration is just that they need to move more quickly. It sounds like according to your reporting they’ve decided to send patriot missiles to Ukraine. 

“Well, let’s not wait another day. We saw a lot of Russian attacks just the last few days. Let’s get them those missile systems now.” 


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