DeSantis Fires State Prosecutor Who 'Thinks He Can Pick and Choose Which Laws' to Enforce

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has suspended leftist State Attorney Andrew Warren for “neglect of duty.”

In the announcement on Thursday, DeSantis said he replaced the George-Soros-backed prosecutor for effectively nullifying Florida criminal law by refusing to prosecute many crimes, encouraging lawlessness, and usurping the exclusive role of the Florida Legislature to define criminal conduct.

(The governor’s executive order removing Andrew Warren from his job is lengthy and includes examples of his neglect.)

DeSantis told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Thursday that Warren, like other Soros-funded prosecutors around the country, took it upon himself to determine which laws should be followed and which laws should not be followed.

“And so I asked my staff to review all state attorneys in the State of Florida,” DeSantis said.


“I wanted to see who was picking and choosing. And this is the guy that all the line prosecutors, all the law enforcement said, he thinks he can pick and choose which laws.

“And he actually signed letters saying he wouldn’t enforce laws against transgender surgeries for minors, laws protecting the right-to-life, and then he has all these policies in his agency that are called presumptive non-prosecution.

“No, the law is presumptively enforced. That’s not something that’s acceptable. And so here today, we made the decision.

“The jarring thing about it though, Tucker, I had all these sheriffs from the area there, I had the former police chief of Tampa. There’s a lot of line prosecutors in that office that are very happy that this was done. And so, we took it seriously. We did a thorough review. And we pulled the trigger today.”

In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, the 91-year-old Soros defended his efforts to install “reform-minded prosecutors” across the land.

He wrote that the current system is “rife with injustices that make us all less safe,” and he said there is no need to choose between justice and safety, which “reinforce each other: If  people trust the justice system, it will work. And if the system works, public safety will improve.”

Soros called for greater investment in mental health, youth jobs programs and education behind bars.

He argued that there is “no connection between the election of reform-minded prosecutors and local crime rates,” although people living in cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, to name a few, might dispute that.

“But here’s what Soros is doing,” DeSantis told Tucker Carlson:

“They can’t get these things enacted in the legislature…So what they do, he will get involved in these Democrat primaries, in a Democrat area, flush a million dollars to get the radical to win the primary. Then they usually win the general because of the party affiliation difference in the jurisdiction. So then you get them in there.

“And what they do is, they want to change the criminal justice system through non-enforcement. So it’s a total end run around our constitutional system. The results, obviously, have been destructive around the country, but it also really undermines the idea that ours is supposed to be a government of laws, not a government of individual men.”

DeSantis said as governor, he has the authority under the Florida Constitution to suspend state officials for reasons of misfeasance, malfeasance, neglect of duty, drunkenness, incompetence, permanent inability to perform official duties, or commission of a felony. The Governor has further authority to fill that office by appointment for the duration of the suspension.


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