DHS Secretary Mayorkas: We Know Where the 42 People on Terror Watchlist Detained at the Border Are

(CNSNews.com) – DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told “Fox News Sunday” that he knows the whereabouts of the 42 people on the terror watchlist who were detained at the southern border.

Alejandro was questioned last week by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) about whether they were released into the United States, and Mayorkas said he would provide the data.

When asked Sunday whether the secretary had the data, Mayorkas said that he did, but he did not disclose whether they had actually been released into the United States or removed.

MAYORKAS: Yes, and I did not want to speak– misspeak in response to ranking member Jordan’s question, because we know where those 42 individuals are on the TSDB, the terrorist screening database. Let me share with you what happens.

They can be removed. They can be placed into custody for criminal prosecution. They could be cooperating in a law enforcement investigation, and I don’t intend to provide that data publicly if it’s law enforcement sensitive, but we know where those 42 are, and I did not want to speak with respect to the disposition of each and every one of them, but we know where they are, and we’ve got our hands on it, and when I say we—

FOX NEWS SUNDAY HOST BRET BAIER: Are they released into the United States? 
MAYORKAS: No, not necessarily. 
BAIER: I heard the three things, but I guess for the people listening at home, are they worried about the 42 on the terror watchlist? 

MAYORKAS: They shouldn’t be worried about the 42. We’ve got a handle on it, and when I say we, it’s not the Department of Homeland Security alone. It’s the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It’s our entire enforcement and intelligence enterprise. 


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