Did China willingly withhold information on Covid-19?

Washington, D.C. – House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) member Rep. Brad Wenstrup, D.P.M. (R-Ohio) discussed the Report on the Origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic in a media call today. The findings so far have opened the door to many questions with regard to what has been transpiring for the past few years.

Apparently, there is no evidence the virus originated in nature, and the congressman, a medical doctor who would understand the specifics of the virus, seemed to lean away from the nature-origin hypothesis.

According to the report, it seems that the virus “may have been tied to China’s biological weapons research program and spilled over to the human population during a lab-related  incident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology”.

When asked if he believed China should be held responsible if the virus leaked from its lab, especially since it never made that information public, the congressman observed that if there has been negligence, then the regime should be held responsible. 

He added that the way things were handled makes one wonder what exactly was going on in that lab.


Moreover, of note is that the report claims the “Committee has also learned that U.S. taxpayer funds have been funneled to the Fifth Institute via U.S. universities who sub-awarded their grant funds to it. The Committee does not know if the scientists who funneled this money to the Fifth Institute, a known component of China’s bioweapons program, were among the experts the IC consulted regarding COVID-19’s origins.” 

In the end, the congressman’s hope is that the U.S. does not engage in such research with China again, and if it does, it should be clear as to why this is occurring.

Indeed, if negligence was involved that resulted in Covid-19 spreading to the public, the proper thing to do would be to apply sanctions, even if they likely would end up being the result of an internal investigation, despite the international consequences.

However, at this point, a revelation that negligence was involved, and the CCP knew of  both the experiments and the leak and refused to share to share information on a virus it created, then the U.S. and the international community should not hold back from pushing for international sanctions and maybe even reparations.

What if sharing such information might have helped speed up the development of vaccines? What if it would have, from the start, been able to let people know exactly how it spreads, what it is, and how to best protect from it, as well as possible side effects it might have?

Whether or not this would have helped, it is incredibly dangerous to keep such knowledge, in the wake of an accident in a virology lab, from the world. 

Especially since it would likely have been impossible to contain the virus even with the best and fastest international collaboration. The most we could have hoped for would have been that information on its exact make up and origin might have assisted those frantically researching possible vaccines and cures.

As a matter of national security, the U.S. needs to better protect its interests in the future and keep from engaging in such dangerous experiments and collaborations. And right now, in the wake of this mess, transparency and accountability from the government to its people is key. Otherwise, how can we the people ever trust that these institutions are ever looking out for our best interest?


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