Do the Biden family’s potential illegalities really matter?

Orwell was a fine observer of reality and has become somewhat of a prophet figure for our time, having guessed many of society’s tendencies.  But all one really has to do in order to come up with good dystopian fiction is to look at the consequences of certain mentalities and connect the dots.

If one was to start censoring speech, what would they gain? How would they go about convincing people to embrace such a mentality? Once censorship has happened, what would be the next step? What are the consequences of actions and policies meant to limit freedoms? Imagining scenarios around these questions can lead one to unveil a plethora of good fiction subject matter. Unfortunately, reading literature is not needed in order to be familiar with some absurd and dangerous patterns of human thought and behavior.

“A man is a woman and… we don’t know what a woman is; children can be sexualized and in fact they should be… but mental illness due to sexual abuse in childhood is well documented; the world will end in 10 years because of climate change (or overpopulation, or some other fashionable  issue)…but if it makes it…. it will end in the next ten years…ooor…. the ten after that maybe” and so on. These expressions of current thought processes point to a very specific kind of future, one which is not all that foreign to those accustomed to reading dystopian novels.

It is an absurd front line we are all on at the moment, fighting to maintain a semblance of truth and common sense in an improbable but highly volatile world.

So, what does this have to do with the Biden’s business dealings, his son’s laptop and their family’s potential illegalities? Everything.


How the media reacts to left- and right-wing candidates is by now well documented. Most coverage is biased toward the left wing, to the detriment of the right. And generally, most elements of the media are at this point propaganda machines, perhaps more so than ever before.

Therefore, at least for the rule of law in the U.S., it is essential that potential crimes and wrongdoings of the Bidens are investigated. Not because people don’t like the family ( many, I am sure, love them), not because Joe is president, not because of any other reason than the fact that there is evidence out there pointing to possible unlawful activities.

The Democrats went after Trump, even though they could not support their accusations.

Recently, the White House press secretary called any information on Biden’s family business issues a ‘conspiracy theory’. As well, she said that the Twitter files showing a private business and government working together to censure information were a “distraction”. Karine Jean Pierre also made clear in her statement on whether President Biden lied to the American people ( while not so elegantly avoiding the question) that it was the Republicans who, instead of focusing on American families and basically minding their political business by fighting inflation, were really concentrated on division and on something that ‘the American people do not want to see’.

From a political perspective, it is normal for one party to be more alert and willing to go after the wrongdoings of the other party, even though the right thing to do would be to monitor both.

However, from a purely common-sense perspective, even if the Republican party vowed to fight inflation, if in the meantime potential illegalities have come to light, it is quite within their realm of responsibilities to investigate such things.

Let the investigations take place and the chips fall where they may, regardless of the results.

There is no other way to guarantee that we live in a fair country in which justice is still done on the basis of truth and fact and not on political or abstract and discriminatory reasons.

The importance of ‘equal before the law’ cannot be overstated. It is the foundation on which everything good in society is built, from the free market to health and security.

Let us make no room for potential dystopian futures, the paths towards which are paved with manipulation, propaganda and authoritarian leanings. Let us not be easily swayed by logical fallacies, half thought out arguments, quasi educated opinions or pseudo-science.  It is up to us to be awake, aware, and to remember what is needed to keep this republic of ours not only standing but thriving.  


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