Elon Musk Bashes President Biden While Praising The Canadian Truckers Protesting Vaccine Mandates

Elon Musk, the billionaire, made headlines today for blasting Biden and praising Canadian truckers resisting the country’s vaccine mandate.

First, Canadian truckers:

THE HILL – Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Thursday that “Canadian truckers rule” as drivers made their way toward Ottawa to protest against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The mandate at issue was instituted by the Canadian government and applies to truck drivers who cross the U.S.-Canadian border, Reuters noted.

Ottawa police have already signaled they are on high alert regarding the protests, tweeting earlier on Thursday that “we are aware of inappropriate and threatening language on social media related to this event.”

About 90 percent of truck drivers crossing the U.S.-Canada border are vaccinated against COVID-19, industry officials say, according to Reuters.

What The Hill fails to mention is that the trucker protest is including 50,000 large trucks. Here’s a video of people sitting on the side of the highway applauding these truck drivers as they pass by:

The sentiments of these truck drivers were described as “unacceptable” by Canada’s Prime Minister yesterday. Elon Musk, on the other hand, claims….


In fact as I’m writing this post, Musk just tweeted:


Musk said today that Biden is treating the American public like fools:

He also responded to the tweet pointing out that Tesla already does all of this:


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