Family of Four Found Dead Attempting To Cross US-Canada Border During Blizzard

Human traffickers continue to operate an extremely perilous operation on our northern border, where the risk of surviving the trek is significantly greater. Such was the situation with a poor Indian family of four who were abandoned by unscrupulous human smugglers near Manitoba, Canada, and allowed to die in dreadful conditions.

According to the Daily Mail, an Indian father who died of frostbite along with his wife and two children worked as a teacher and farmed his own land before making the perilous and dangerous journey to the United States from Canada, where they trudged through waist-deep snow for 11 hours in a blizzard.

On the night of the four’s ill-fated trek last week, Jagdish Patel, 39, and Vaishailben Patel, 37, were discovered dead in a field north of the US border with their children Vihangi, 11, and Dharkmik, three, as temperatures plummeted to as low as -40F near Manitoba, Canada, with blowing snow and poor visibility advisories issued.

Manitoba The four deaths were discovered in Emerson, Manitoba, after US border patrol authorities informed them that they had picked up a group of Indian nationals on the US side.

RCMP officers with the Integrated Border Enforcement Team (pictured) found the bodies after receiving concerning information from their counterparts in the US

One of the individuals was found with a backpack full of items for an infant.


He told investigators he was carrying the backpack for a group that got separated from his.

Investigators have said they believe the deaths are linked to a human smuggling scheme.

Steve Shand, 57, from Deltona, Florida has been charged with human smuggling and an investigation into the family’s deaths continues.

The family, originally from Gujarat, is believed to have made their way into Manitoba from Toronto, where they initially entered Canada on January 12, last Tuesday.

Shand was arrested in North Dakota at a border patrol stop, just feet away from where the bodies of four Indian nationals were found

Families who pay human traffickers to obtain illegal immigration to the United States are in addition to the fake family units. Victor Avila, a former ICE Special Agent who is now running for Texas Land Commissioner, has been doing a great job at our southern border exposing the truth about the people smugglers who are trying to flood America with individuals and families from all over the world.

With July 15, Avila purchased a ticket to McAllen, TX on an American Airlines partner, One World. He struck up a discussion with a woman from Uganda while sitting in a room full of illegal aliens ready to be transferred to their new homes in various places around America. “The ladies from Uganda spoke fantastic English and was more than willing to share” information on how she made it from Uganda to the United States, according to Victor Avila.

The Ugandan woman, who was boarding an American Airlines flight in McAllen, TX, told Avila that she, her husband, and their toddler were on their way to Portland, Oregon. Victor inquired about their journey from Uganda to McAllen, Texas. The Ugandan woman claimed that she and her family traveled directly from Uganda to Mexico City, where they met with a smuggler who demanded $5,000 per family member in exchange for securing their passage through the Mexican border to Texas. The woman mistaken the Spanish-speaking Avila for someone who wanted to assist other illegals in crossing the border and gave him the phone number of the man who smuggled them in.

The Ugandan mother, her husband, and her son are shown in the photo below prepared to go through “security” before boarding their American Airlines trip. According to Avila, the woman, her husband, and her son did not have any identification and were given a yellow package containing boarding permits and documents from the US Border Patrol, which allowed them to avoid the TSA’s identification process.

The retired ICE special agent was asked for identification when he approached the TSA agent. Avila questioned why he should be required to provide identification to fly while the entire family in front of him was not required to do so. The TSA agent became irritated and asked that he produce identification or they would refuse to let him through security. “Do you remember 9/11?” Avila inquired of the TSA agent. You’re the DHS, right? You just let three illegal immigrants from Africa board, but you won’t let me, a US citizen and retired federal agent, board without identification? This is backwards and upside down!”

The Ugandan family in the video below passes through security without having to provide a passport, visa, or any other form of documentation.

This is the lawless and heartless America that Democrats have been plotting and scheming to construct for decades, with the support of anti-American billionaires like George Soros.

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