Far Left Activist Who Tried To Kill Louisville Mayoral Candidate Just Got Bailed Out Of Jail By BLM

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Quintez Brown is a far left activist, Black Lives Matter supporter and promoter of gun control. He also has been running for a seat on the Louisville Metro Board in Kentucky.

This week, he tried to assassinate Craig Greenberg, a Jewish Democrat running for mayor of Louisville. Greenberg escaped unscathed, but a bullet grazed his clothing.

Just days later, the local chapter of Black Lives Matter bailed him out of jail.

January 6th suspects have been rotting in jail for months with no bail, but a BLM supporter who tried to murder someone was just let out of jail on bail.


FOX News reports:

Quintez Brown: BLM Louisville, bail fund team up to post bail for shooting suspect: report

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Louisville reportedly teamed up with the Louisville Community Bail Fund to post bail for Quintez Brown, the suspect in the shooting of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

BLM Louisville reportedly delivered the Louisville Community Bail Fund’s check posting Brown’s bail on Wednesday, a day after reports that Brown had allegedly tried to assassinate Greenberg at the candidate’s campaign headquarters in the Butchertown area of Louisville, Kentucky.

BLM Louisville and the Louisville Community Bail Fund did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Local media reported Wednesday that the organizations were posting bail for Brown, with BLM Louisville organizer Chanelle Helm saying the bail fund would shell out the $100,000 posting.

Quintez’s bail was posted Wednesday afternoon, with the individual paying the bail wearing a “Free Angela Davis” shirt — referencing the activist and former Communist Party USA member.

Do we still have equal justice under the law? It sure doesn’t look that way.

This is one of the reasons so many Americans are losing faith in our institutions.

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