Fauci Knew of COVID Information Being Withheld by China in January 2020: Report

Anthony Fauci, longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), was apparently well aware that the Chinese government was withholding crucial information about the coronavirus as far back as January 2020.

The Epoch Times reports that new documents uncovered by Judicial Watch reveal communications between NIAID and their Chinese counterparts which signal that the American agency actively coordinated with the Chinese leading up to the pandemic, and subsequently covered up the fact that China was withholding information.

The 90 pages of communications records, obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, reveal that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had been sending “experts” from the University of Texas Medical Branch to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) to train Chinese technicians in “lab management and maintenance” about two years before the pandemic started.

One such email from January 8th, 2020, sent by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, was titled “PRC Response to Pneumonia Cases Shows Increased Transparency Over Past Outbreaks, but Gaps in Epidemiological Data Remain.” The email was circulated by staff at both NIAID and NIH.

“Hi, here is the cable from US Embassy Beijing reporting on the pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China,” the email says, written by Dr. Ping Chen, NIAID’s top official in China. “It has ruled out SARS, MERS, and flu. [Redacted] confirmed it is viral infection.”


But in the email, officials from the embassy clearly state that they were worried about the “lack of epidemiological data,” which they said hindered their ability to produce a more comprehensive risk assessment, which in turn prevented them from planning a more appropriate response from public health officials. The officials pointed out that “gaps in details information” and “lack of a final confirmed pathogen” made it “difficult to assess at this time” whether or not the situation presented a greater threat to the United State and the world.

The email notes that the lack of information is due to direct control over the information by Chinese government officials.

“The flow of official PRC information on this outbreak is limited to that coming from the Wuhan Health Commission and National Health Commission,” the email continues. “China CDC is referring queries to the three official notices issued to-date by the Wuhan Health Commission.”

This and other similar correspondences in the latest data dump further indicate that prior accusations of corruption on Fauci’s part were most likely true. Fauci had previously come under heavy fire for repeatedly stating under oath that NIAID had never provided “gain-of-function research” funding to the Wuhan lab, as such funding may have directly contributed to the experiments that led to the creation of COVID-19. But additional documents and testimony eventually confirmed that Fauci’s NIAID had, in fact, provided such gain-of-function funding to Wuhan in the years prior to COVID.

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  1. fauci knew years ago because he is one of the main architects of creating the coronavirus bioweapon. he worked on it’s design, manufacture, and he worked on hoodwinking the public about it’s effects. every step of the hoax was enabled and instituttionalized by him. he knew the PCR tests were a scam. he knew masks, social distancing, and lockdowns would do nothing to stop the spread. he knew the vaccines would cause more deaths than the virus, and he clearly enjoyed the terror, death, and misery resulting from his plans. AND he was very, very, well paid for all of it. oh- and he KNEW it was intentionally created, produced, and relaesed from the wuhan lab, because he funded it!!! he knew it did not come from any ‘bat soup’, wet market, or lab accident. he knew it all. AND I CHALLENGE HIM TO TAKE POLYGRAPH TEST ON ALL THESE POINTS! if he does not, then i am proven correct. this guy needs a special prosecuter, if anyone EVER did!

    1. “bioweapon”? where? the flu comes around yearly creating a back story does not change it. its all BS

      1. if an event is intentionally used to cause massive damage, it is a weapon. your naive comment is like someone who just crushed your balls with his foot saying ‘that’s not a weapon, it’s just my boot’. or someone knowing you have a deadly peanut allergy making you a milkshake with peanut butter- you die and they claim- ‘i’m innocent, it was only peanut butter’. shall i go on, prod?

  2. Well into our 3rd year what have we accomplished:

    Global Bio-labs: None shut down (other than in Ukraine)
    NIH/NIAID: Fauci still handing out grants to these labs
    Viral Gain of Function: Grants are still be handed out for this. Nothing stopped.
    DARPA and Intelligence Services: No accountability
    Cut-outs like Eco-Health: No accountability
    China: Developing bioweapons thanks to DARPA/NIH/NIAIDS technology gifts
    Pharmas: None punished
    Globalists: None punished
    Politicians: None punished. Worst offenders like Cuomo ousted on trivial sex counts
    Media: None Punished. Off to Ukraine Propaganda.

    It should be noted if you do not remove and punish these people they will do this or something like it again.

  3. When will this evil, demonic freak be prosecuted for his crimes against humanity?

  4. more attempts to salvage the BS covidiocy and blame china. there was no scamdemic. just flu season.

    1. if it was merely flu season (and there are 2 types of influenze A&B and coronavirus is not among those- it is the family of viruses that the common cold comes from), and they pretended it was something more, then that is proof positive of a ‘scamdemic’, or plandemic. so you just proved that there was a scam, and you just disproved that it was a flu- so where does that leave you? wrong is where it leaves you. how did that work out for you, iris?

  5. Why do you Americans just talk talk talk while they completely steal your country from you! You know who it is, same ones did The Liberty in 67 with McCains Dad, follow the money from here forward, or start at JFK! Same people , same networks, families, inter marriages, companies, etc. Cui Bono, who benefits?

  6. “We are an empire now,and we will acr again,and you will be left to study that also” K.(turdblossom) rove or close,why cant these lazy asshole come up with anything NEW?

  7. China may not be the only country the US outsourced illegal virus manipulation too. There is a lot of speculation about Ukraine labs doing some of the work and that being a partial motivation for Putin to act.

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