First Impression of a New GOP Senator: Lawmakers 'Don't Work Very Hard'

( – Just days after being sworn in for his first term, U.S. Senator J.D. Vance says he’s already back home on a three-week recess.

The Ohio Republican spoke on Thursday night with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, who asked for Vance’s “first reaction” on becoming a senator.

“Well, I guess my first reaction, Tucker, is they don’t work very hard, because we got sworn in on Tuesday and then we started a three-week recess.

“So I’m actually back in my home in Cincinnati right now, which is so crazy to me, because it’s not like the country doesn’t have a major crises and problems that you would expect the United States Senate to actually be working on.

“But the other thing, of course, is that the Senate is so fundamentally, I think, separate from what people actually care about — what’s actually going on in the country. 

“A lot of people were, you know, patting themselves on the back for having spent another $45 billion of taxpayer money and sent it to Ukraine, even as the amount of fentanyl that could kill, not thousands but millions or billions of people continues flow across our southern border every single month and now.

“Of course, Joe Biden has issued an immigration executive order which would basically sweep these massive crowds of people under the rug — it would hide them from cameras, but it wouldn’t solve the fact that the country’s being invaded at the invitation of the president of the United States.

“So we’ve got a lot of problems, and I think it’s time for the Republicans to really use the next two years to fight and get some victories where we can.

“And where we can’t get victories because, of course, Joe Biden is still president, to at least hang the political consequences around the Democrats so that in 2024 we can actually go to the American people and say, you know what, we tried to do something, we tried to fix the problems, we need something better in a president to make that happen.”

Vance said he intends to “remember where I came from” and to fulfill the promises he made on the campaign trail:

“So I think that’s the thing that’s going to separate me from the pack — that’s going to make sure I stay grounded in the things that people actually sent me to Washington to accomplish,” he said:

“And of course, I expect you and your viewers and everybody else to hold my feet to the fire, because we don’t need people who rearrange the deck chairs as the country goes down; we need people who actually are fighting to save an American way of life for the next generation.

“That’s why I’m doing this. There’s no other reason to do it in my mind…”

Vance ran for the Senate as a “conservative outsider,” promising to “bring Ohio values to Washington.”



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