Fla. AG Ashley Moody: This Administration ‘Purposefully Dismantled Our Public Safety Immigration Structures at the Border’


CNSNews.com) – Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said Thursday that she discovered through two years of litigation, she uncovered evidence that the Biden administration “purposefully dismantled our public safety immigration structures at the border” by first stopping deportations and then doing away with the Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as Remain in Mexico.
“Well first let’s start with kudos to Mike Lee for making the country and Congress realize that the sovereignty of this nation and the protection of the American people is the most important issue right now,” she told Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.”

“It is the most important issue as we enter into this new year and making sure that people realize that by juxtaposing it between whether or not this omnibus bill passes is a stroke of genius. I am so proud of him, because let me just tell you what we’re facing,” Moody said.

“Through litigation over the last two years, since Biden took office, I have uncovered so much evidence that shows this administration has purposefully dismantled our public safety immigration structures at the border. First they stopped deporting people. They do away with Remain in Mexico,” she said.

“They purposefully decrease the detention capabilities at the border and then throw up their hands and say we have to release everyone because we have not enough detention capabilities which is by the way in direct violation of federal law,” Moody said.


“They’ve been doing this all along, and my greatest fear, Maria, you have probably seen leading up to this week is they are going to blame the rescission of Title 42 for the chaos and catastrophe that we’re seeing at the border when in reality it began when this president was sworn in and he abdicated all responsibility for protecting the sovereignty of this nation,” she said. 

Moody thanked host Maria Bartiromo for highlighting the public safety risks Americans are facing from the deadly fentanyl being smuggled in – enough to kill every American.

“When Title 42 gets rescinded you will see such an overwhelming onslaught of unvetted, inadmissible aliens rushing, surging into this country, and that is why it is right that so many people are stepping up and saying this cannot happen,” she said.

“You are correct. It’s drug smuggling. It’s human trafficking. It’s the overwhelming fentanyl in this country, but don’t forget. Just in the last year we’ve seen a crushing amount of those on the terrorist watch that have been intercepted,” Moody said.

“The decimation of security at our border is on the hands of this president who, by the way – and I remind your viewers – he just said when asked whether he would even go to the border, he said he had more important things to do,” she said.

Moody said that President Biden cares more about protecting Ukrainian citizens than Americans, and he deserves to be impeached for abdicating his duties.

“I’m sorry that the president of a sovereign nation, the two most important things to do are protecting your borders and your sovereignty and your people. He cares more about protecting Ukrainians and their people and their border than he does about the safety of American citizens, and I am telling you, that is the abdication of the number one duty of a president of a nation. I think it’s impeachable. It is a dereliction of duty will there be accountability,” she said.

As to whether there will be any accountability with the new Congress in January, Moody said, “You gotta hope they dig into it immediately and see what I have uncovered through litigation. Look, the only reason the American people have any idea what this administration has actually been doing, even though they’re saying this isn’t happening. 

“We have it under control. People aren’t just walking across the border. Remember they said that. It’s because we have uncovered documents that say the opposite. When they tried to rescind Title 42 we showed that they had a plan that when the surge resulted, they would just step back and let everybody overrun them. That was their plan,” he said.

“The plan was there ain’t no plan, and we’ve shown through training videos that they’ve said, we’re not processing. We’re just handing a piece of paper when they come across and saying, hey just report to the ICE office wherever you intend to live, and then they’re helping ship them across the country. That is what is happening right now,” Moody said.


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