FLASHBACK To Time When Will Smith Shouted “It’s a JOKE!” To Audience Who Booed Him For Making Fun Of Bald Man [VIDEO]

On Sunday night at the Academy Awards show, Hollywood actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock across the face for making a joke about his wife’s baldness.

Only six days before the awards show, Jada Pinkett Smith made a video and posted it to TikTok about her bald head. “I don’t give two craps what people feel about this bald head of mine,” a defiant (and frequently angry) Pinkett Smith said.

But Jada isn’t the only member of the Smith family whose reaction to Chris Rock’s joke makes zero sense. As it turns out, Will Smith also enjoys poking fun at bald people while on stage.

In 1991, Will Smith appeared on Arsenio Hall’s talk show. During his interview, Will Smith called out a member of Arsenio Hall’s production crew, “You can’t do that in this world, man—you gotta follow the rules!” Smith told Hall. “Like he has a rule. Eggplant over there,” the actor said, pointing to a bald man sitting with a camera on the side of the stage. “He’s gotta wash his head every day. He follows the rules,” Smith said as the audience booed him. A defiant Smith reminded them that “it was just a joke!”

Instead of getting up and slapping Smith across the face, the unidentified bald man Smith joked about simply laughed at his joke.



Hollywood is filled with hypocrites and overly-sensitive crybabies who are fully aware that they will pay no consequences for their actions. Look no further than the lying actor Jussie Smollett who was recently sentenced to prison for staging a fake hate crime that he orchestrated and then tried to blame imaginary Trump supporters for the crime. Jussie was released from prison after serving only a couple of days. In what world, other than Hollywood, are criminals released over their delicate sensitivities to prison surroundings? Alec Baldwin is not only walking around as a free man after shooting and killing his cinematographer; he is already making another movie.

Almost immediately after slapping Rock on live TV, the Hollywood elites at the self-congratulatory Academy Awards show stood to give Smith a standing ovation for his “best actor” award.

Why in the world would Will Smith believe there would be any consequences for assaulting a comedian on live TV?

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  1. what a hypocrite! AND the guy can’t take a joke! HOW ON EARTH CAN SOMEONE PRETEND TO BE A COMEDIAN, AND NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE A JOKE?!?!?! can you say LOSER? i knew you could…

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