Florida Officer fired for using taser on man who was ‘not physically resisting’ during arrest

On January 26, St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway established a Command Review Board to investigate claims that Officer Matthew Cavinder used his taser inappropriately during an arrest, in violation of department policy and procedures. Cavinder’s employment was terminated when the Board upheld the allegations. Today, January 27, at 10 a.m., Chief Holloway will talk to the media at the St. Petersburg Police Department.

On March 23, 2020, Cavinder was sworn in as a St. Petersburg Police Officer. He was assigned to District 3 as a patrol officer.

Officer Matthew Cavinder responded to a complaint to trespass a panhandler at the Chevron Gas Station, 4890 22nd Avenue South, on June 20, 2021, at 4:55 p.m. When he arrived, he spoke with Timothy Grant, who was in a wheelchair, and discovered he was wanted for failure to appear. Cavinder ‘drive stunned’ (tasered without prongs) Grant many times during the arrest, despite the fact that he was not physically resisting in a way that necessitated it. Cavinder’s supervisor immediately reported the use of force incident, including the body camera video, to the Office of Professional Standards for an internal investigation.

A report will be forwarded to the FDLE Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission to determine whether Cavinder will keep his state certification.



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