Former Acting AG Matt Whitaker: Mexican President Is a Socialist Whose Policies Align More with Biden Than GOP

( – It’s no surprise that Mexican President Lopez Obrador is endorsing Beto O’Rourke for governor of Texas, because he’s a socialist whose policies align more with President Biden than they do with the Republicans, former acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker said on Tuesday.

This comes as the Mexican president visits the White House and meets with Vice President Kamala Harris and President Biden on Tuesday ahead of Biden’s trip to the Middle East.

“It’s outrageous, obviously, but Lopez Obrador is a socialist. So we need to remember that his policies certain align more with Joe Biden than they do the Republicans and Governor Abbott, but, you know, we have a massive crisis on our southern border,” Whitaker told Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.”

“You know, we just had 53 people die in the back of a semi-tractor trailer, and half of those were Mexican nationals, and so if I’m Lopez Obrador, I’m going to suggest to Joe Biden that maybe you get a little more control of your southern border, have it regulated and have it more orderly so that my citizens don’t die in the back of tractor trailers, but at the same time, Maria, I think the more concerning thing if I’m the Mexican president is the cartels that are gaining power and cash by running these illegal operations at our southern border,” he said.

“I think that should be really concerning to the president of Mexico but he seems to be right in line with Joe Biden and the free movement of people between the Mexican southern border with the United States,” Whitaker said.


The former acting attorney general said that the Biden administration is “putting a tremendous burden on Texas taxpayers to fill the gap” in border enforcement, “and obviously, the authorities and the authorizations for what they can do at the southern border is incomplete, and if the federal government would participate in the defense of our southern border, then it would be a lot easier for Texas to– and the Texas citizens to live secure and safely.”

“You’re right, I mean, not only the cartels, criminal organizations that are, you know, sexually assaulting, trafficking illegal drugs that are killing our fellow citizens, violating our border laws, but, remember, everyone that comes here illegally a second time after they’ve been caught is committing a felony, and this administration isn’t enforcing the law on the books,” he said.

“I’m very concerned about the concept within the Biden administration of the rule of law, because if you don’t enforce the laws on the books, then that allows an illegality, an illegal culture to, you know, sort of spring forward from that and that’s exactly what we are seeing in the southern border,” Whitaker said.
“That’s going to be hard to put back in the box ultimately once a new administration comes in with a desire to seal the southern border and have an orderly immigration system that serves the national interest,” he added.


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