Former Big Pharma Scientist Sounds The Alarm: COVID Vaccines Weren’t Put Through The Proper Safety Trials For Gene Technology

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Dr. John D. Flack, a retired Pharmaceutical Research and Development Scientist is sounding the alarm and asking why the covid-19 vaccines were not put through the proper safety trials for gene technology.

He says these gene-technology covid vaccines were not subject to the standard safety studies required for novel genetic-based medicines.

Dr. Flack, is a member of the Heart Advisory & Recovery Team HART, a group of highly qualified UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts, who came together over shared concerns about policy and guidance recommendations relating to the pandemic.

He has also been was involved in pharmaceutical research throughout his career and served as Director of Safety Evaluation for a pharmaceutical company When it comes to the safety studies of new drugs he knows what’s he’s talking about.


Published by the Daily Sceptic, the following is an excerpt of a piece Dr Flack wrote regarding the matter:

“It seems to me that the regulatory authorities may have considered this new class of medicine as a vaccine and followed the toxicology guidelines for conventional vaccines. But as discussed above, they are not vaccines in the conventional sense. They are injections of a laboratory synthesised gene sequence


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