Former Energy Secretary Rick Perry: Another Hurricane Sandy Would Turn a ‘Natural Disaster’ into a ‘National Disaster’

( – Former Energy Secretary Rick Perry told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that by President Biden using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to drive down the cost of gasoline, he’s risking “a natural disaster” turning into “a national disaster” if another Hurricane Sandy hits the United States.

“He’s using it as his personal pig piggy bank so to speak to drive down cost to consumers. There are a lot better ways than selling our petroleum reserve to drive down the cost, ie., opening up Americans’ substantial ability to produce oil and gas, and that would drive down the cost of energy. That’s simple economics right there,” Perry said.

“So having been a former governor, and having natural disasters particularly say a governor along the Gulf Coast. Think about Sandy when Sandy hit. The petroleum reserve was used to help fill the void when that — when that event occurred,” the former secretary said.

“What if we have another event like that, a natural disaster that in turn turns into a national disaster because of the loss of that fuel? And if you don’t have that natural — excuse me that national petroleum reserve available, it could be incredibly devastating so they’re playing with fire here,” he said.

Host Maria Bartiromo pointed out that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is under fire after the Energy Department awarded a $200 million grant to a lithium battery company that operates primarily out of China.


When asked to walk us through Biden’s energy policy, Perry said, “They’re absolutely tragedy across the board for not only American producers, but more importantly American consumers, and now with this latest move where we’re seeing literally hundreds of millions of dollars, $200 million in this case going to a company called Microblast and Maria, go on Google, and pull these people up. 

I mean this doesn’t take you long to find out that they are directly — associated with, controlled by the communist party of China. And infrastructure money that is supposed to be creating national security for America, jobs for Americans, and it’s being controlled by a communist country, and they’re tentacles into this company, so no one gets confused about this. 

It’s the reason that I’m asking for, and I’m sure that Senator Barrasso, other very influential senators, and hopefully there will be some Democrats to look at this go, ‘you know what? This is just unacceptable behavior for the Department of Energy, the secretary of energy to be sending money to companies like this. So you’re going to have the House investigating this. 

You’re going to have the Senate investigating this. You know, it’s not for me to call for somebody’s resignation, but I’m suggesting that these leaders in Congress after they dig into this – and it is not going to take them long to get to the real facts – that they will start calling for the resignation of the secretary of energy calling for the resignation of the secretary of energy, calling people on the carpet if you will. This is totally and unacceptable activities out of the Department of Energy. 


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