Free the Innocent and end the Jan. 6 Lie!

       Tucker Carlson played some of the video footage viewed by the House of Representatives’ January 6 Committee. Not surprisingly, it showed the opposite of what the Democrats have been saying about the events of January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C. 

        It was not a Republican insurrection hell-bent on overthrowing the government. It was closer to a maze created by Democrats to create an impression of insurrection probably so they could stop the certification of the 2020 election results.

        Carlson aired video of the riot recently that turned the narrative about the what happened that day on its head.

        While it did show some violence and chaos, it also presented Capitol Police opening doors and ushering people into the U.S. Capitol. It displayed citizens wandering peacefully through the halls and taking pictures.

       It showed the police escorting the QAnon shaman, a protestor who wore what looked like a buffalo headdress, through the halls and even trying doors to find a way to let him into the Senate chambers.    


       Another video disclosed a police officer who was supposedly killed after being battered by a fire extinguisher walking around fine with no signs of distress after he was supposed to have been killed.

       More video shown in its full context exposed that the committee had edited some footage to make Republican Sen. John Hawley of Missouri look like a coward who was running away from the protesters.

        For years, the Democrats in Congress hid these thousands of hours of video footage from Republicans and lawyers.

        The only reason we have seen the footage now is because the Republicans won control of Congress during last year’s election. When that happened, Kevin McCarthy became the new Speaker of the House, and he fulfilled a promise to release 41,000 hours of video footage the committee had.

        “I think the public should see what happened on that day,” McCarthy told reporters during a press conference. “I watched what Nancy Pelosi did, where she politicized it. … I think the American public should actually see what happened instead of a report that’s written for a political basis.”

        The video footage is just the latest way that the Democrats’ lies have fallen apart. Previously, outright lies from members of Congress were countered by records or witnesses. In another instance, it was shown that then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually refused then-President Trump’s request for greater security around the Capitol that day. She also blocked certain Republicans from being members of the committee because they were not critical of the President.

        And now this.

        Democrats are panicking, denouncing Carlson, and they continue to stick to their narrative no matter how feeble it looks in the light of day.

        Meanwhile  House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during a press briefing, “The president has been very clear: Jan. 6 was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

        Had this been Democrats entering the Capitol to stop Trump from becoming President, the mainstream media would have called it a “mostly peaceful protest.” And, in this case, it certainly was more peaceful than the protests they did in fact call “mostly peaceful.”

        All those January 6 cases need to be reviewed now in light of this new evidence, and those who have been illegally held in prison, beginning with the QAnon shaman, need to be released. Then everyone of those people need to file defamation suits against the January 6 Committee. These are private citizens who government officials maliciously slandered. Congress itself should also take action against those members of the committee for withholding evidence in an investigation.

        The real criminals here are not the people, but the Democrats in government.


Some media, including videos, may only be available to view at the original.  

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