Gas Station Manager Says He Removes 5 or 6 Biden ‘I Did That’ Stickers From Gas Pumps Each Day (VIDEO)

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Have you seen those little stickers that people are putting on gas pumps? They feature Joe Biden pointing to the price of gas with the caption “I Did That.”

They are sold online and are popping up all over the country.

In Alabama, one gas station manager says he removes five or six of the stickers every day.

WAAY News reports:


Satirical sticker at North Alabama gas pumps bringing problems for gas station owners

As gas prices surge, some people are voicing their concern with a satirical sticker at the pump.

That small sticker is causing big problems for local gas stations. It is a picture of President Biden pointing to the high dollar sign and saying ‘I did that’ underneath. While it may seem like a funny political message to some people, the gas stations could be fined for vandalism.

“I take off 5 or 6 a day from our different pumps,” says Perry Cagle. He’s the assistant manger of the Exxon off Highway 72 in Athens.

As gas prices keep climbing, Cagle says the stickers are rising up with them.

“I got one here, it’s the ‘I did that’ and then they put it by the pump and it’s supposed to be that Joe, President Biden, is causing the gas to go up,” he says.

The satirical joke is turning away some costumers.

“I have had one or two people come in here and complain about it,” says Cagle.

Not only that, but the stickers could cost his locally owned station a corporate fine.

“The point of the matter is it’s causing issues for us because we get points taken off if our corporate comes by and does inspections they do,” Cagle explains.

He says he is all for people voicing their political beliefs, just not at his workplace.

“Put it on your car, put it on your house. Don’t vandalize private property,” he says.

Here’s a video report:

That’s pretty funny.

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