Gingrich on Biden/Documents Case: 'This Is Not Going to Go Away. It's Going to Get Bigger'

( – A second batch of classified material has turned up somewhere in Joe Biden’s orbit.

We don’t know how many documents were found or where they were found, but Republicans are redoubling their pressure on Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate.

“If the FBI were serious, they would be looking at all of Biden’s multiple homes; they’d be looking at all of Biden’s offices for last ten years, just to figure out what else is there out there that we haven’t seen yet?” Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News on Wednesday night.

“This is not going to go away. It’s going to get bigger.”

Gingrich said Biden isn’t the only one who needs to answer questions about the recently disclosed discovery of classified material at Biden’s D.C. office that was funded by the University of Pennsylvania, reportedly with money from China. 


“Look I think what’s happening is, the documents are the beginning of the unraveling of the entire Biden, basically, criminal family operation,” Gingrich said:

“First of all, the documents are going to lead you to the University of Pennsylvania where the Chinese communists gave millions and millions of dollars. They refuse to open their books. The president of the university of Pennsylvania got to be the ambassador to Germany. People like the secretary of state (Antony Blinken) — the current president, Biden, got a million dollars for nine appearances.

“We have no idea where all the money went, we have no idea what the influence was. But it’s ironic that some of these documents were found at a University Pennsylvania office.

“Second, this leads you right back to Hunter Biden as the bagman. Because the first wave of documents included documents about Ukraine at about the time that Hunter Biden was getting hired by Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company, largely because he was the son of the vice president. So that’s going to all be wrapped up together.

And then finally, this makes an absurdity of the attack on Donald Trump. The fact is, Biden can’t tell you, and they’ve said this openly, he has no idea who had the documents, he has no idea what documents we’re talking about.

“Now imagine, we’re talking about very secret documents which the current president of United States openly says somehow somebody somewhere got them and they took them away and he has no clue.”

Gingrich said he suspects the Republican-controlled House is going to subpoena all the documents and financial records the University of Pennsylvania refuses to release, because he thinks this goes “way beyond Joe Biden” to “huge chunks” of his administration.


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