Glenn Beck: ‘This Is What the Speaker Debate Is Really About’

“This is what the Speaker debate is really about,” conservative commentator Glenn Beck says in a three-minute video explaining why a group of 21 House Republicans are preventing Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from being elected Speaker.

“Passing laws isn’t as simple as Schoolhouse Rock made it seem,” Beck says in a tweet introducing the video clip and warning that passing a bill is far more difficult than most people think, because the wrong speaker has “enormous power” to ensure thwart any bill that challenges the status quo:

“Passing laws isn’t as simple as Schoolhouse Rock made it seem. The Speaker of the House has enormous power over the process, so if he just wants to uphold the status quo, good luck getting anything meaningful passed.

“This what the Speaker debate is really about.”

When a bill is proposed, the speaker sends it to a committee, but if that committee is run by people with an opposing ideological agenda, the bill dies there, Beck says.

Even if the bill survives, the committee then sends it to the House Rules Committee. But, again, if those on the committee oppose it politically, it goes no farther. “It doesn’t matter if it’s constitutional,” Beck says.

If, somehow, the bill is approved by the Rules Committee, it is then sent back to the Speaker.


It is at this point that Speakers have been abusing their power to prevent debate on the bill and force a vote before House members have had a chance to read it, Beck explains:

“The speaker is supposed to put it onto a calendar, so it can be debated on the floor.

“When was the last time you saw them debate anything? They haven’t been debating anything – because the Speaker has been circumventing this and printed it up, at the very last minute, given it right to Congress so they can vote on it, many times without reading it.

“This is how the Swamp is ruling our country right now. This is how they represent themselves and not you and me.”

“So, what are they asking for?” Beck asks, rhetorically, before laying out the changes the 21 Republican hold-outs against McCarthy are demanding:

“They are asking that they can have a few members on these committees, this one and this one, to make sure that, maybe, somebody who likes the Constitution, is in those rooms. And, then, that the speaker put it on a calendar, so it can be read and debated before the vote.”


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