GOP Congressman: McCarthy Won Conference Vote by a ‘Landslide’

( – Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) won 86 percent of the conference vote on who would be the House speaker, which is “a landslide,” Rep. Dan Meuser (R-Pa.) said Tuesday.

Despite that McCarthy has failed to capture the 218 votes needed to be the speaker in the first vote of the new Republican majority.

“We’ve been negotiating this for months now. We have a plan. Kevin McCarthy has done more than anyone else to put us into the majority in the last two elections, much of what took place during the negotiations, primarily with members of the Freedom Caucus. I thought it was an extremely healthy exercise, and made the rules package better,” Meuser told Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.”

“However, at this point, the hand is being overplayed. I think there are some in our conference making extremely good, if not great, the enemy of perfect, and it’s disrupting things at this point. Jackie, Kevin Mccarthy won 86% of our conference vote when we took conference votes supporting who the speaker would be,” he said.

“That is a landslide, and now as they’re pushing for more overplaying their hand, they’re putting the American people’s agenda in jeopardy, and that I find more than just frustrating,” the congressman added.


When asked what House members are asking for in exchange for a vote for McCarthy, Meuser said, “What they’re asking for, most of it is vague, and then it’s very specific. They’re actually asking for committee member assignments before the speaker vote takes place. Kevin McCarthy is not only negotiating in good faith. 

“He’s responsibly given up everything he had the authority to do, so that was still in the interests of our conference. Certain things he does not have the authority to give in on, and I hope my colleagues who I respect, come to terms with that and realize that we need to move forward and they accomplished a lot,” the congressman said.

“I think it’s a really bad idea, but Leader McCarthy, Speaker-elect Mccarthy soon to be Speaker Mccarthy has offered it to– in good faith once again that they do have that at their disposal, and yet there’s still no’s,” Meuser said.

“The goalposts changes have changed here, and that’s not a negotiation in good faith. That sounds a little bit more like some personal power plays and some personalities at play here rather than what is best for our country,” he said.


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