GOP Congresswoman Introduces Bill Requiring DHS to Report a Comprehensive Southern Border Strategy to Congress

( – Rep. Young Kim (R-Calif.) said Thursday that the Biden administration has a strategy to deal with the northern border, but they have no strategy to deal with the southern border.

After visiting the border, Kim introduced the Comprehensive Southern Border Strategy Act. Her bill “requires the Department of Homeland Security to report to Congress a comprehensive southern border strategy.”

“The strategy must include (1) an overview of current security risks along the southern border; and (2) an assessment of the barriers, technologies, and tools that are necessary to achieve and maintain situational awareness and operational control of the border,” the bill states.

“I have gone down to the border multiple times in California and Texas, and after I spoke with the Border Patrol agents and those in authority, I found out that our federal government has only the northern border strategy but zero that deals with the southern border strategy,” Kim told Fox News’ “America Reports.”

“So after I came back from the border visits, I introduced comprehensive southern border strategy act that will give the Department of Homeland Security to come up with a strategy to have a mile by mile strategy and get our operational control back on the southern border. Look, so far the bill has not been even considered on the House floor or in the committee,” the congresswoman said.


“So I really hope with the crisis that we’re seeing, this, you know, Congress before the time runs out, at least they will consider this, but there are multiple options, as you mentioned, the White House is considering. I do hope that one of their considerations will be to reverse the policies that have worked before President Biden came into office and extend the Title 42,” she said.

“Look, even our state of California, Governor Newsom has visited the border. That tells you everything that you need to know about Biden administration,” the congresswoman added.

“So I really implore President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to once again, I call upon them to go down to the border and see the crisis for themselves, and I think that’s really critically important, because California is a border state and my district is in southern California just a couple of hours from the border,” Kim said.

“So I see this, and I work very closely with local law enforcement who tells me about the alarming statistics of fentanyl they are seizing. In fact, just in the 10 months of this year, they have seized over four times higher than all of the fentanyl seizure they have made in the last 2021 alone,” she said.

“This is really alarming statistics, but behind that, we have to remember the heartbreaking stories of so many people that we know that have been losing their lives so soon,” the congresswoman said.

Kim applauded California Gov. Gavin Newsom for recently visiting the southern border, and she urged him to call on the Biden administration to visit the border too.

“Governor Newsom going down to the border, I applaud him for doing so, but again, I think he needs to call upon Biden administration to do the same. You know, he’s got the 2/3 majority in his state legislature in Sacramento. Yet he is blaming the Republican governors in other states,” the congresswoman said.

“He is the one who can also call upon President Biden with his ambition to go national, I think he should use the leverage to call upon this white house, his democratic colleagues in congress to really get behind my legislation. Come up with the policies that is working and stop telling us to pass legislation that will add more money to the problem. That’s not going to solve the problem,” she said. 


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