Grassroots Activists Cold-Call Russian Citizens To Spread The Truth About War In Ukraine

While much of the world is overly and rightfully concerned about the situation in Ukraine, the Russian government’s ability to control the narrative within their borders has allowed for quite a bit of ignorance with the Federation.

But there is now a grassroots group that is bypassing all of the Vlad Putin’s pathetic censorship attempts, and doing so in a wildly simple way.

The co-founder of a grassroots campaign to cold call 40 million Russian citizens told Fox News he hopes his effort will change public opinions inside the country about the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine.

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“What we try to do through these phone calls is to ask them, how much do they know about what is going on in Ukraine,” said Paulius Senuta, co-founder of “If we can swing the sentiment of ‘this is a war, people are dying’ … we can stop [the] population [from] basically taking protection of” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And the group is reaching out to a lot of Russians.

Senuta, along with around 40 other people, set up over the course of just 120 hours. He says the goal of the campaign is to speak with the millions of Russians who he says support “mad man” Putin.

While he doesn’t expect to change the Russian “worldview” with a single phone call, Senuta told Fox News that seeks to connect with Russians on a “basic human level” to help them to understand the violent realities of the war against Ukraine. obtained 40 million Russian phone numbers, which Senuta said were all publicly available.

Thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands of Russian citizens have already been jailed for protesting the incursion of Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin continues to lose his grip over the citizenry.



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