Guns are Blamed for Mental Health Problems

Much of the news recently has been dominated by the shooting and murder of three children and three faculty of a Tennessee Christian school by a trans-man. It is a tragic story, particularly for the loved ones of those killed. It is also shaping up as a hate crime against the students and faculty because of their Christian beliefs.

Bookending those stories were often stories of Democrats and anti-gun advocates calling for stricter gun-control measures and even the confiscation of guns.

However, you can also find other stories just before, after, and even on the same day that show the problem isn’t guns.

Earlier this month, an armed homeowner in Georgia shot an intruder who broke into his home early in the morning. Police questioned the homeowner, but no charges were filed against him because of the “Castle Doctrine,” also known as “Stand Your Ground” law, that allows people to protect their homes from invaders even if it involves deadly force.

If you make guns harder or impossible for law-abiding citizens to own, how many of these incidents will turn out badly for the victim? FBI statistics tell us the number of crimes that guns stop to be in the hundreds each year.


In another story from Tennessee, a car accident killed six female passengers, ranging in age from 1 to 18 years old. A seventh woman was in critical condition. Then in Baltimore there were six construction workers killed when a car involved in a minor accident flipped over a jersey wall, killing the workers in the median.

Where are the calls for banning cars (other than extreme environmentalists who are always saying that) or raising the age for a driver’s license or limiting traffic on highway? There weren’t any. Yet, these incidents and others like them kill more people each year than shootings.

The difference with guns is that Democrats know that for the leftist ideology to take over in America, the country can’t have an armed citizenry. Our Founding Fathers knew that having an armed populace was one of the best ways to prevent a tyrannical government.

If Democrats really want to address the problem with mass shootings in this country, they need to first deal with mental health problems in the country. Just about every one of these mass shooters had a mental health issue. The other thing that they should do is look at the ranks of their own party. Republicans might be better armed, but most aren’t going around shooting people.

Deal with those things first because they deal with the problem that turns a weapon of hunting and defense into a weapon of domestic terrorism and murder. Do that and there won’t be an unmanageable problem of gun violence in this country.

Don’t hold your breath, though. Democrats won’t go after Democrats who can vote them out of office. It’s easier to blame guns. They can’t vote.


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