Gutfeld: Are Young People Liberals Because They’re Depressed – or Depressed Because They’re Liberals?

“Why are young liberals so depressed, especially when compared to their righty counterparts?” Gutfeld! Host Greg Gutfeld asked on his Thursday night Fox News Channel program.

“Studies show it and you can see it for yourselves,” Gutfeld said, noting research showing that depression is higher among liberals than among conservatives.

Female liberals are the most depressed, because their depression levels “have gone up faster than the price of hamburger under Joe Biden,” Gutfeld joked.

“So, what’s behind this agony?” Gutfeld asked:

“Are they liberals because they’re depressed, or are they depressed because they’re liberals? It’s the old ‘What came first, the responsibly-raised chicken or the organic egg?’”

Gutfeld’s answer: “Adult liberals incentivize misery: the worse you feel and the more you express it, the better you do in these circles”:


“It’s like doom is their white van and they lure in kids with promises of attention and street creds.”

Children at taught that the world is an awful place and that they can’t win, and then they’re rewarded for embracing envy and victimhood, Gutfeld explained:

“When liberals push the idea that social injustice exists everywhere and everyone’s out to get you, we live in a white supremacist world, of course you’re going to be depressed.

“On the other hand, you might get your own show on MSNBC.”

“So, it’s not a chicken-or-egg question at all. It’s a learned behavior. Once your drama gets a spotlight, you turn it up to 11,” Gutfeld concluded.


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