Gutfeld Mocks Media and Dems (‘Like There’s a Difference’) Trying to Make Attack on Paul Pelosi About ‘Right-Wing Hate’

The husband of the House Speaker was brutally attacked, and all Democrats and their media cohorts can talk about is how they want to blame the attack on conservatives, in order to influence the midterm elections, Fox News Channel late-night host Greg Gutfeld said Monday.

In the opening monologue of “Gutfeld!,” the comedian-commentator mocked the left’s lone obsession regarding the vicious home-invasion assault on Paul Pelosi: scoring political points.

While Democrats and liberal media are desperately trying to tie the home-invasion attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) husband to Make-America-Great-Again (“MAGA”) extremists and criticism of liberal politicians, Republicans are actually focused on the issue of crime, like the one committed against Paul Pelosi, Gutfeld said:

“Meanwhile, in the media, you have Dems and talking heads, like there’s any difference, desperately trying to make this about ‘right-wing hate’ and tie it to the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

“Like, people on the right were always saying, ‘Hey, you’ve got to attack Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer – and don’t wear pants.”

“It’s MAGA extremists behind this – because they always attract illegal alien nudists who live in school buses, who think they’re Jesus Christ,” Gutfeld mocked.

But, the people freaking out never mention attacks on conservatives, Gutfeld noted: “Remember how many jokes were made about Rand Paul getting his ribs broken, ‘Ha, Ha, Ha.’”


“It’s The-Pelosi-Attack-Was-MAGA, January 6 and hate speech is a constant threat’ – because it’s code for criticizing Democrats,” Gutfeld said. “But, as long as they win in November, then nothing ever needs fixing,” he added.

“So, a mentally-deranged, drug-abused, naked nut-bag [suspect] finds his way into the Pelosi home – and the media stops at one talking point, which is their idea of investigative reporting,” Gutfeld concluded.


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