Gutfeld: People Who Make Gender Identity Laws Like This One Are Morons

Late-night television host Greg Gutfeld took on the topic of gender identity on Tuesday, explaining why people who make gender identity laws “are morons.”

“Tonight’s monologue is all about gender. Is that right, Elvis?” Gutfeld said, leading to a brief musical Presley parody titled “Return to Gender.”

Gutfeld then launched barbs at a single father in Ecuador who changed his identity to female, thinking it will help him win his child custody case against his ex-wife. Noting that LGBTQ activists are calling the Ecuadoran father’s ploy “outlandish,” Gutfeld ponder whether it’s possible to be “in-landish.”

Gutfeld also contrasted the cases of two trangender college swimmers. One, a female-to-male trangender identifier, went from being a top female swimmer to being one of the worst male swimmers. The other, a male who now identifies as female, has been dominating his biologically-female competitors.

Finally, Gutfeld discussed the case of a convicted male sex offender in Connecticut, who now identities as an intersex female – because he wants to be transferred to a woman’s facility. “And, I’m not talking about Victoria’s Secret,” Gutfeld quipped.


According to Connecticut law, inmates have the right to be jailed in facilities that match their gender identities, “because people who make laws are morons,” Gutfeld concluded.


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