Gutfeld: Reaction to Woke Has ‘Created a Rebound Woke…in the Shape of Something Monstrous, Powerful and Really Scary’

“The woke had a few good years” trying to undo society, but now there’s a backlash led by a fierce group of warriors, Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld said on “Gutfeld!” Monday.

“There’s more than one kind of woke,” Gutfeld said, declaring that society has tired of leftists’ efforts to impose their radical ideology on Americans by obscuring the definitions of “woman,” “illegal alien” and traditional pronouns:

“It’s no longer welcome. And, it’s created a rebound woke – which has come in the shape of something monstrous, powerful and really scary.”

That something? Angry moms fighting back to protect their children from radical leftist school boards, biological males playing girls’ sports and using girls’ bathrooms, and drag queens in libraries.

While the woke claim that biological men can get pregnant, have periods and compete against your daughters in sports, the cross-gender intrusions seem to go only from male to female, Gutfeld said.

“But, this apparently goes only one way. Trans women can swim and wrestle. But, good luck seeing trans men in the NBA.

“Meanwhile, look at the biological men who barged into women’s sports and women’s locker rooms.”

“That’s masculinity more toxic than anything Kamala’s husband can point to – and he lives with a toxic, cackling chemical spill,” Gutfeld said.


But, this new breed of woke – angry moms fighting back to protect their children – is the perfect antidote to leftists’ woke virus infecting the country:

“They’re here to hand out snacks and kick ass. And, they’re fresh out of trail mix.”


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