Gutfeld: ‘Women are Stuck with What Their Gender Warriors Asked for…So, They’re Skipping Their Generation of Men’

“There’s nothing sexy about a man weeping about his white privilege,” Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday, in the opening monologue of his late-night television talk show.

Wokeism has “killed more sex drives than a ‘Women of The View’ calendar,” Gutfeld quipped on Fox News Channel’s “Gutfeld!” adding that “Wokeism is like a personality STD.”

The only successful woke men are those who became successful before they became woke, because wokeism begets failure – in romance, as well as life, in general – Gutfeld said:

“Even [transgender HHS Asst. Sec.] Admiral Levine was Pennsylvania’s health secretary before he turned in his pants for a girdle. Now, he’s a ‘she,’ just so you know.”

“Think about the few successful dudes who spew woke B.S. now. A decade ago, were they saying that crap back then? No, they were trying to be successful.

“And, you can’t do that with a woke mindset. This is true in romance, as well. And this has girls wondering: ‘Where the hell are the men?’  They’ve become soft, sad and ashamed they have testicles…unless, of course, they’re under a dress.”

“This leaves men confused” and women “stuck with what their Gender Warriors asked for: a generation of guys who couldn’t change a tire or enjoy a beer that doesn’t have hints of pumpkin spice in it,” Gutfeld said.

As a result, today’s young women are skipping their generation of men entirely, in favor of much older men, who actually act like men, Gutfeld notes:


“In short, an ideal man’s priorities aren’t about getting his pronouns right. It’s getting his purpose right.

“You can’t do both. Men can’t be woke and be men.”

“So, this is good news for young, smart, single men who have plans, love to work, lift weights and eat steak,” Gutfeld explains: “You’re in short supply, making you in high demand.”


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