Half of Republican Voters Want McCarthy as House Speaker – Half of Moderates, ‘Others,’ and Dems Don’t, Poll Shows

While half of Republican voters want Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to be the next House speaker, half of all other voters on the political spectrum do not, a new Rasmussen survey finds.

As a group of 20 conservative Republican House members continued to block the election of McCarthy, a Rasmussen survey of 900 U.S. likely voters, conducted Jan. 2-4, asked the following question:

“Kevin McCarthy is currently the leader of Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives. Should Republicans choose Kevin McCarthy to be the next Speaker of the House?”

While 48% of Republican voters say “Yes,” only about a quarter of self-described moderate (26%), Democrat (28%) and “other” voters (28%) agree.

Usually, the views of moderate/other voters split the difference between those of Republicans and Democrats, but in the matter of Rep. McCarthy’s bid to be House speaker, they’re nearly identical.

About half of moderates (47%), Democrat (48%), and other (46%) all say, “No,” they do not want McCarthy to be elected House speaker. Among Republican voters, 29% want someone else as speaker.


Voters’ favorability rating of McCarthy is similar to their views on his election as speaker. Here, slightly more than half of Republicans (55%) view him at least “somewhat” favorably, compared to a third of moderate (33%), Democrat (33%), and other (32%) voters.

Taken together, 35% of all likely voters polled say McCarthy should be the next speaker, 41% say he shouldn’t and 24% aren’t sure, while 40% have at least a somewhat favorable impression of him.


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