Hannity: D.A. Bragg Is Practicing Stalin’s ‘Show Me the Man, I’ll Show You the Crime’ Philosophy

If Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg goes through with his plan to charge former President Donald Trump with a felony, it will apparently be the first time Bragg has elevated a misdemeanor charge to a felony, Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity noted Wednesday.

“If Trump is charged, it would be the first – and the only – case that Bragg has ramped up from a misdemeanor to a felony, that we know of,” Host Sean Hannity reported on the latest episode of his program.

Bragg, whose office has become infamous for downgrading more than half of its felony charges to misdemeanors, is now going the other way, despite a poor record of gaining convictions, Hannity said:

“This seems pretty risky for Mr. Bragg, given that he only gets a conviction in about half the felony cases that he actually tries.” He loses 49% of the time. It is one of the lowest conviction rates in the entire U.S. and 17 points lower than the last D.A.

“Bragg, clearly, must like to lose.”

“And, keep in mind, campaign finance violations are typically charged at the federal level. But, both the DOJ and the FEC declined to bring any charges against Trump,” Hannity said.

What’s more, Bragg’s insistence on going after Trump directly flies in the face of a letter providing exculpatory evidence directly contradicting Bragg’s accusations, Hannity explained.


“So, why is Bragg dedicating all this time, all these resources, millions of tax dollars to this convoluted legal case?” Hannity asked. “I can’t answer that.”

“Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime,” a Stalinist motto, appears to be Bragg’s philosophy, Hannity concluded:

“In America, justice is supposed to be blind. In America, prosecutors are supposed to investigate crimes, not people. ‘Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.’ That was the official, or unofficial, motto of the former Soviet Union and Stalin, not the U.S.

“But, apparently, that’s news to Alvin Bragg.”


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