Hannity: It Seems DA Bragg Can’t Even Indict a Ham Sandwich

“Let’s be very clear: the case died this very week,” Host Sean Hannity declared on his Fox News Channel program Thursday night, regarding Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s faltering effort to convince a grand jury to indict the DA’s political opponent, Donald Trump.

As evidence continued to mount against his case this week and a grand jury held off on indicting Trump, DA Bragg tried to blame former President Trump for creating “a false expectation of arrest.” But, as Hannity explained, anti-Trump news organizations, such as The New York Times, had been predicting an indictment for more than a week before Trump began doing so.

Hannity said that the grand jury appears ready to refuse to indict Trump, because DA Bragg’s case is based on a legal non-disclosure agreement (NDA), an alleged affair from 2007 that both parties have denied even happened, and “allegations from a serial liar, convicted felon Michael Cohen.”

“A low-level felony that is so weak, so convoluted – and possibly even outside the statute of limitations – that a grand jury in deep-blue New York City might very well, and seems to be, rejecting it,” Hannity said, noting how easy it should be for a prosecutor to obtain an indictment from a grand jury:

“You can indict a ham sandwich in a grand jury.

“You don’t need a unanimous verdict and only the prosecution gets to present evidence. In other words, the defense gets zero opportunity to even speak to the grand jury, let alone present any evidence that they have.

“And, it appears that Bragg has failed to pass that very, very, very low bar.”

“In this case, it seems he can’t indict a ham sandwich…now, this is humiliating for the DA’s office, and infuriating for the people of New York,” Hannity concluded:


“Bragg wasted precious time and resources over a political hit-job that probably won’t ever see the light of day, while very real criminals – violent criminals – are roaming the streets of New York City.”


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