House Democrats Pass Massive $1.5 Trillion Bill That Includes Border Security Funding… For OTHER Countries

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House Democrats just passed yet another massive bill for over a trillion dollars.

The omnibus bill is tied to funding the government and will need to be passed Friday to avoid a government shutdown.

Naturally, it’s filled with all sorts of left wing goodies.

Breitbart News reports:


Democrats Pass $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill After Democrat Disarray

House Democrats passed the $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill, which was separated into two votes. The first half, focusing on security funding, passed with 361 votes for and 69 votes against the provision. The second half, featuring the remainder of the spending, passed with 260 votes for and 171 against the measure.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held the vote on the spending bill after hours of delay and confusion.

The bill originally had $15 billion in coronavirus aid; however, Pelosi moved to strip the coronavirus aid after facing steep opposition from her own caucus. Democrats had agreed to include offsets in the bill, but many Democrats across the spectrum raised concerns about the bill removing state aid to offset the cost of the $15 billion in coronavirus aid.

In a statement about the move, Pelosi blamed Republicans, even though it was Democrats that had raised issues with the bill.

“Because of Republican insistence — and the resistance by a number of our Members to making those offsets — we will go back to the Rules Committee to remove COVID funding to meet the needs of America’s families,” she wrote in a letter to House Democrats earlier on Wednesday.

This is money we don’t have.

Oh, and it includes money for border security… in other countries.

Democrats must lose control of Congress in November.

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  1. treason is the word that describes the democRATic party to a letter. and where is this trillion going to come from? well, it will be BORROWED at interest, to be paid for by the taxpayers and likely stolen from the social security funds. sound good kids? that will be the answer when you get to retirement age- oh- we gave that money to ukraine because they were unable to pay back the billions we loaned them before- so we had to give them a trillion… make sense? because the bankruptcy of the US is their game plan!

  2. total hypocrisy and lies: the bill explicitly states that borders from around the world must be secured with US tazpayer money, but out of the same crooked democrat mouth, they claim out borders must remain open to ilegal migrants who include rapists, gang murderers, drug smugglers, molesters, as well as TERRORISTS(!) etc.- and they have no problem pretending that this is logical and necessary!

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