Intel Committee Republican: 'We Have Requested an Analysis of These Documents'

( – Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), a member of the House intelligence committee, said he doubts the classified material found in Joe Biden’s possession involved nuclear codes or anything rising to that level.

But he said Biden had to know that he possessed classified information, because it’s so clearly marked.

And whatever secret material Biden had in his Washington office and his Wilmington home should be revealed to the intelligence committee, Stewart told “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“The director of national intelligence can choose not to comment to the American people, but she can’t choose not to comment us. We have requested an analysis of these documents, the potential harm that they may have caused.

“And I expect that we will receive that within the next few weeks. And we should receive that in the next few weeks. If these documents were available for a long period of time in such an open environment as a garage, for heaven’s sakes — now, I understand the garage was locked, as the president made the point.

“But, still, they were available. It’s important for us to understand the potential damage to these documents and these documents being available it may have caused to the American — and American security.”

Stewart said there’s no way Biden failed to notice he possessed classified material — or “documents with classified markings,” as Attorney General Merrick Garland put it on January 12, when he announced the appointment of a special counsel.

“Not only am I on the Intelligence Committee,” Stewart said:


“I was an Air Force pilot. I flew the B-1. I have dealt with classified documents almost my entire life. And you have to know, every one of these documents, they have a cover sheet that’s red.

“It says what the classification is and why it’s classified. Every single page has a classification marking on it. This isn’t the kind of thing that you just sit on your desk and you think, oh, I forgot that they’re classified. It’s very clear that they’re classified.

“And for those who think that, well, the president didn’t realize that he had those in his possession just is nonsense. Of course, he knew that he had them. They’re so obvious.”


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