Is The January 6th Pipe Bomb Investigation Another F.B.I. False Flag?

We now know that the F.B.I. itself has admitted that there was no ‘insurrection‘.

Video evidence, and eye-witness testimony from a New York Times reporter are among just some of the evidence which suggests that the F.B.I. had far more to do with the January 6th riots than Trump supporters.

This evidence has placed the F.B.I. in a very poor position, as the public continues to lose faith and confidence in the agency as a whole.

Now the F.B.I. is once again drawing the ire of GOP members…

According to recent reports, an F.B.I. whistleblower has raised the alarm on potential F.B.I. lies related to claims the agency made about finding a pipe bomb at the DNC on January 6th.


Rep. Jim Jordan has since echoed these concerns, and sent this letter to F.B.I. Director Chris Wray:

According to Washington Examiner:

The special agent, who was not identified, claimed that the request was “unusual” because it came a year after the investigation began, and Jordan said it raises questions about the progress and extent of the inquiry.

Both bomb threats were neutralized by authorities, but the identity of the suspect remains one of the biggest mysteries stemming from the events surrounding the Capitol riot.

One pipe bomb was placed in an alley behind the Republican National Committee headquarters, while the other was placed next to a park bench near the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

The Epoch Times adds:

Ohio Republican lawmaker Jim Jordan said he has requested a briefing with the FBI after a whistleblower allegedly disclosed information regarding the bureau’s investigation into pipe bombs planted near the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington the night before the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol.


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  1. well, the whole ‘riot’ was a false flag instigated by capital police and FBI using antifa goons dressed in MAGA hats, so why wouldn’t the pipe bombs that never went off also be FAKED? it was all fake.

  2. Ex Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino broke this down pretty well. DC is saturated with cameras. That’s the only video? They can’t do video traceback to where he came from? Yes, they can.

    He is pictured on a cell phone. They can’t get the phone records for nearby cell towers and narrow down the interesting calls from that moment? Yes. They can.

    Bombers are nearly always caught because the device (especially an intact device) normally carries a lot of physical evidence including fingerprints and DNA, especially if made by amateurs. Tracing bomb components can often reveal place and time patterns that can narrow down the search.

    They were so professional that they left no biometric evidence or other clues that would have them captured by now, evaded ubiquitous cell phone surveillance, and slipped around to avoid video traceback. Yet their devices failed to go off.

    One conclusion is that they devices weren’t designed to go off. But to distract the police. That would allow operatives like Ray Eps to breech the barricades and remove gates and signs so masses coming from the Trump rally unwittingly trespassed on normally open areas of the Capitol.

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