Ivanka Trump arrives at Manhattan courthouse to testify in civil fraud trial

On Wednesday morning, Ivanka Trump arrived at the New York Supreme Court in Manhattan to testify in the civil fraud case brought forth by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Donald Trump, his family, and his business.

According to CNN, Ivanka Trump is the last witness before the prosecution rests its case. The courtroom has heard testimony from Ivanka’s brothers, Eric and Donald Trump Jr, as well as her father, 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Ivanka Trump was previously dismissed as a co-defendant in the case, and was denied by an appeals court last week to postpone her testimony until her lawyers could make arguments before the panel that she shouldn’t be required to appear in court.

Ivanka Trump claimed that being made to testify during the school week would cause “undue hardship” on the mother of three minor children, who all live in Florida.

James said that Ivanka Trump is “inextricably tied” to the Trump Organization, and “secured, negotiated loans to obtain favorable terms based on fraudulent statements of financial condition.”


“She will attempt today to distance herself from the company, but unfortunately, the facts will reveal that in fact she was very much involved.”

The case accuses the Trump Organization and the Trumps of inflating assets in fraudulent financial statements. James is seeking $250 million in damages.

Trump and his attorneys have been slapped with gag orders by Judge Arthur Engoron, alleging that public statements made against the judge’s clerk were “inappropriate” and accused “her of bias against them and of improperly influencing the ongoing bench trial.”

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