Jason Chaffetz: Media-Big Tech Censorship Collusion Revealed by The Twitter Files Isn’t Getting Enough Attention

The news media’s collusion with Big Tech to cover up information reflecting poorly on President Joe Biden is a revelation by the Twitter Files document dumps that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Thursday.

As guest host on The Ingraham Angle, Chaffetz discussed how Twitter documents show media and Big Tech coordinated efforts to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop scandal:

“There’s one section that didn’t receive as much attention as the rest. It included details about how media organizations and Big Tech, including former employees of the Department of Justice, agreed to working in concert to protect Joe Biden against damaging stories.

“This all happened at the Aspen Institute in August 2020. Labeled a ‘tabletop exercise on combating disinformation,’ it quickly morphed into smothering a perfectly legitimate story.

“Now, due to new emails given to us by [Author Michael] Shellenberger, we know the effort was organized by Vivian Schiller, former NPR president and former Twitter global chair of news.”

But, the media-Big Tech ties go even deeper, Chaffetz said:

“And once we started pulling the thread of which journalists and social media employees were involved, we found other past associations that should raise eyebrows. First is Nathaniel Gleicher, current head of cybersecurity policy at Facebook, formerly of the Department of Justice. 

“And these two, Andrew Grado and Janine Zacharia, both from Stanford, and the latter, a former bureau chief at The Washington Post.”

Chaffetz also noted the hypocrisy of news media hiring “media disinformation reporters” who actually spread disinformation:

“Now, Stanford’s connection is important because it was their playbook that this harem of journalists would operate from. The university’s cyber center published a 10-point “newsroom playbook for propaganda reporting,” the irony being that their guidelines would result in said propaganda. 

“The most interesting of these steps is number 10 which says networks must hire reporters assigned to cover a disinformation or a propaganda beat. As viewers of this channel know full well, these ‘media disinformation reporters’ have become the foremost purveyors of slanderous propaganda themselves.”


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