Jordan: Democrats’ Effort to Intimidate the Supreme Court Is ‘So Intense’ That They Won’t Even Pass Legislation to Protect Justices

( – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said Sunday that the Democrats’ effort to intimidate the U.S. Supreme Court on the issue of abortion is “so intense” that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) won’t pass legislation protecting Supreme Court justices and their family.

“Maria, their effort to intimidate the United States Supreme Court is so intense that they won’t even pass this legislation, Legislation that passed the Senate unanimously. So think about that. Bernie Sanders supported that legislation. Elizabeth Warren supported that legislation,” the congressman told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“Every Democrat supported that legislation, and they won’t bring it up in light of the fact now that we had an assassination attempt the sitting justice, a sitting justice of the United States Supreme Court. That is unbelievable, that she said, oh, no, not to worry over the weekend. I mean, that’s crazy. So we were all for this,” Jordan said.

“Leader McCarthy talked about this on the floor last week before we left town. Why not bring it up? We were willing to bring it up – unanimous consent. Just let this thing pass, but Nancy Pelosi held this up just like she’s holding up any investigation into why the Capitol wasn’t prepared, why it wasn’t in the proper security posture that was needed on January 6th,” he said.

When asked whether Republicans win the majority in Congress if they will depose Pelosi, the congressman said, “Well, we’ll see. One thing we’re committed to do is the investigations that need to be done so that the American people get the truth, and we will do it in a way that’s consistent with the United States Constitution. That’s what we’re focused on, and there are lots of investigations that need to happen, Maria.


“We need to look at why were thousands of Americans’ tax returns made public? The Ways and Means Committee should look at that. The Judiciary Committee has to look into the border situation, the idea that we no longer have a border,” he said.

“We need to look into the doj targeting moms and dads who show up at school board meetings. The oversight committee needs to examine the whole origin, all the misinformation we got from Dr. Fauci over the last year and a half. So there’s lots of investigations that need to happen. We are committed to doing that but doing it in a way that’s consistent with the Constitution,” Jordan said.

When asked who is responsible for the failed policies of the Biden administration – the president or his cabinet, Jordan said, “They’re all responsible, and I think the American people are fixing to make a change come November. You can just feel that happening but You’re right, Mayorkas said the border’s secure, oh, my goodness. Janet Yellen said she’s surprised at inflation. 
“How can you be surprised at inflation when you spend like crazy, pay people not to work, drive up the cost of energy?

“I mean it makes no sense. Of course, Granholm has no idea what kind of energy policy we need. We had a good energy policy under President Trump, and you can look at every single policy area, it has gone from being good under President Trump to being terrible under these guys,” he said.

“We went from a secure border to chaos. We went from energy independence to the president begging Iran, OPEC and Venezuela to increase production,” the congressman said. 

“We went from safe streets to record levels of crime in every major urban area and we went from stable prices to a 41-year high inflation rate, and I haven’t even gotten into foreign policy or the attacks on our first amendment and, of course, last week the attacks on our second amendment rights, so there’s a reason, Maria, more than 7 of 10 of our fellow citizens think the country is on the wrong track,” Jordan said.

“They think that because it’s true. They understand this great country is in a terrible situation because of Joe Biden and their policies, and it’s being done to us all intentionally. That’s why I think there is, again, a big change coming in this year’s midterm elections,” he said.


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