Joy Behar Of The View Thinks The Supreme Court Is About To ‘Pass A Bill’ On Gun Rights (VIDEO)

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Joy Behar of The View seems a bit confused about what the different branches of government actually do.

During a recent broadcast, Behar claimed that the U.S. Supreme court is about to ‘pass a bill’ on gun rights.

The Supreme Court does not pass bills, that’s the job of the legislative branch.

News Busters reports:


The View: SCOTUS to ‘Pass a Bill’ ‘On Their Desk’ to Make NY ‘Open Carry’

In the wake of the shooting on a New York City subway, the cast of ABC’s The View kicked off Wednesday’s edition of the show with absolutely insane anti-gun arguments. One guest claims “most” gun owners shoot themselves while co-host Joy Behar claimed there were 130 mass shootings this year. Dumber yet, Behar warned the Supreme Court was going to “pass a bill” over “New York City State laws” that would make everything “open carry.”

As part of the performance that would make any reasonable person ask “how dumb is this woman,” Behar interrupted an asinine conversation decrying states going to permitless carry to show her ignorance of basic civics:

This is what Behar said:

The Supreme Court is poised to pass a bill contradicting the New York City State laws. We have very strict gun laws here, and they would like it to be apparently somebody has put it on their desk that New York should be an open carry state, and an open carry city with all of the density in this city. They want people running around with guns. People – middle-class people will be leaving in droves if that happens.

Here’s the video:

Democrats and the media often complain about disinformation.

Is there a bigger spreader of disinformation than the View?

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