Justice Has Failed the Victims of Michigan State – And It Cannot Fail Again

Sometimes things within the criminal justice system just don’t make sense. The way that the Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to go after the wrong people instead of focusing on the real criminals is ridiculous. Some people seem to get off with a petty warning instead of serving the time they deserve.

And then there’s Anthony Dwayne McRae.

This 43-year old strolled onto the campus of Michigan State University Monday night, killing three students and injuring a handful of others before evading capture. He would be found later, having taken his own life.  

This is the latest in the long line of “active shooter” events that America has seen of late. In fact, there have been so many, I’ve lost count. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. But this one in particular stands out because it could have been stopped. It could have been stopped if the justice system had done its job.

Based on a report from CNN, McRae had been arrested in June 2019, charged with carrying a weapon without a permit. That is considered a felony, and it goes on someone’s record. Once that’s done, it’s a hell of a lot tougher to purchase a firearm, hence a lot more difficult to use it for a heinous act.


But, somehow, thanks to the flaws within the justice system, McRae got off easily, with a plea deal. He was found guilty of possession of a loaded firearm, forcing him to forfeit the gun and serve a year and a half probation. What’s worse, this would not be on his record.

This would basically allow him to purchase firearms and carry out his devastating attack on the Michigan State grounds, ending three young lives and critically injuring several others before taking his own. What’s worse is that he was planning even more attacks.

I’m proud of our officers defending the streets every day. But there’s a serious problem with our justice system, and this shows exactly what it is. There should have been a warning system put in place for McRae to prevent him from buying a firearm, or any kind of weapon, again. But thanks to the work of his lawyer, who noted that the officer lacked probable cause for searching McRae for the weapon, he got off light. And now look where we are.

The justice system doesn’t just fail there. I’ve mentioned the FBI previously, and for good reason. Along with a heinous raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last year, they’ve also been targeting parents and Christians. 

That is not justice. Justice is going after the criminals that are regularly harming our country. Justice is knuckling down and making sure our government is grateful for the officers and Border Patrol agents that are risking their lives on a daily basis to make sure we are safe. Justice is assuring that those arrested for firearm possession or posing risk to others should never get their hands on a weapon again. Even after going through mental health training.

It’s just frustrating. A system needs to be put in place to keep tabs on people like McRae, so we can prevent the heartbreaking loss of life like we saw earlier this week. Alas, with the state of our police as it stands – left to minimum ranks thanks to the “defund the police” protestors – I don’t think it can be done.

We need to fund the police. That way, we can put officers on the streets to ensure better safety. We can put a system in place to keep suspects like McRae in check. And we can actually get some investigative systems in place so that the FBI and Department of Justice have no choice but to make sure the right people are looked into.

Because, without that, we’re just going to continue losing good people. Like the ones in Michigan State.


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