Kellyanne Conway Makes Shocking Admission About President Trump Defending Her From Her ABUSIVE Husband

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Well, she did it… Kellyanne finally admitted the truth and came clean about her ABUSIVE husband George Conway in her new book.

She explains why she hasn’t divorced him, and all the emotional abuse he’s put her through.

This certainly isn’t a spoiler alert — but this guy is a huge loser and a tub of goo.

You’ll recall when Kellyanne’s daughter was going crazy online? Well, guess who encouraged her to do that?


Yep. George. 

He’s not only emotionally and verbally abusing his wife, he’s also doing the same to his daughter, and all because he has Stage 5 TDS.

This man is SICK.

And speaking of Trump… Kellyanne admits that while George was abusing her, President Trump was defending her.

Let’s take a closer look…

Kellyanne Conway has written about her abusive spouse in a memoir, Here’s the Deal.

The situation was summed up in this paragraph: “I had two men in my life. One was my husband. One was my boss, who happened to be president of the United States. One of those men was defending me. And it wasn’t George Conway. It was Donald Trump.”

She was and is a strong woman. Georgie Boy couldn’t take it. A real man would be proud and supportive of his wife. Chumbawamba Conway was a coward. The Washington Post enabled his misogyny by publishing his screeds at the president which were really aimed at his wife. Cable TV made him a star, the Costanza of Washington.

Divorce was not the answer because they are Catholic. He had her trapped. All of Washington cheered on his monstrous abuse of his wife. And of course, they laughed and mocked him behind his back because his actions showed what a loser he is, seeking approval of people who will never respect him. How could they? Look at how he treated his wife.

But all the liberal talk about feminism is baloney because here was a trailblazer — a heroine who unlike Hillary definitely did not get to where she was by marriage — whom the denizens of DC mocked. There are no accolades in their lifetimes for some of the brave.

The book was leaked to the Washington Post as these political memoirs often are.

He made life miserable for her.

She wrote, “Night after night, I would come home from a busy day at work and be there for the kids: dinner, homework, projects. While I was minding dishes, dogs, laundry, managing adolescent dramas and traumas, George would be just steps away from me, tucked away in his home office, plotting against my boss and me.”

I do the dishes and help with the laundry. I will admit the cat is my wife’s responsibility although I clean the litter. It’s called a marriage. You make compromises and you do things together.

As for those adolescent dramas and traumas, George encouraged one daughter to go on social media and put the family’s dysfunction on full display. I realize it takes two to make a marriage work. I realize that her long hours exacerbated the situation.

One item to note about the book… Kellyanne ends the portion on hubby George by saying she believes our country and democracy will make it, but she doesn’t know if she and George will.

My goodness, Catholic or not, please Kellyanne, leave that wretched, abusive man.

I think God will understand.


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