Kenya Catholic Bishops: 'LGBTQ Ideology Seeks to Destroy Life'

On Friday, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops denounced a ruling by the state’s supreme court allowing LGBTQ groups to register as NGOs, saying it will lead to the promotion of homosexuality, which is against the moral values of Kenyans, and that the LGBTQ ideology “is an attack upon humanity.” 

As reported by the Kenya Broadcasting Corproation (KBC) on Mar. 10, “the Bishops criticised the decision saying registration of LGBTQ associations will lead to promotion of homosexuality which is against the constitution and moral values of the people of Kenya.”

“In their call to action, the Bishops have called upon Kenyans to stand firm against the promotion of homosexuality as it seeks to destroy family values and Christian dignity,” reported KBC. 

In a statement, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops said, “We fault the determination of the Supreme Court of Kenya and declare it as an effort towards the promotion of the LGBTQ ideology, which seeks to destroy life. It is an attack on humanity.”

“This ideology is an attempt to undermine the family and cultural values which are rooted in the very nature of humankind,” said the bishops. “It also undermines the dignity of life which is at the core of our beliefs as a nation.”


They further said, “We insist that the Supreme Court of Kenya reviews this ruling, and determine that an association that seeks the promotion of illegal and immoral actions be overturned.”

According to KBC, the Catholic bishops have rallied much support in favor of their position. Government officials and other religious leaders reportedly oppose the supreme court’s ruling. 

h/t KBC, Kenya Broadcastting Corporation


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