Levin Calls on GOP DAs, AGs to Treat Tyrannical Dems the Way They Would Any Bully: ‘Serve Them What They Serve You’

“Life, Liberty & Levin” Host Mark Levin is calling on all Republican District Attorneys and Attorneys General to fight back against the Biden Administration’s “plague of tyranny.”

“Special attention, please, to Republicans who are district attorneys or attorneys general in our country,” Levin said at the close of Sunday night’s show, which he dedicated to denouncing Democrats’ use of government to crush dissent and interfere with the 2024 presidential election by indicting Republicans’ leading candidate, former President Donald Trump.

“This plague of tyranny that is being spread by Democrats Party can be fought by you – lawfully, legally, in the courts,” Levin explained to the attorneys:

“You have the power to use grand juries.

“You have the power to subpoena.

“You have the power for warrants.

“You have the power to force this president and this administration to comply with the constitutional law, whether it’s immigration, whether it’s climate change, and whether it’s Hunter Biden and the Chinese, whether it’s Joe Biden and all the rest.”

“We need your help,” Levin implored, calling on the attorneys to use all legal means to combat Democrats’ tyranny, by treating them the way they would any bully:

“Please scour your books, all your law books – and do whatever is necessary.

“Because. the only way that this comes to an end, when you’re dealing with a tyrant and when you’re dealing with a bully, is to serve them what they serve you.”

“That’s the harsh reality. Sorry to say it, but that’s the truth,” Levin concluded.



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