Liberal Rag LIES About Empty Seats At WY Trump Rally…Leaves Up Fake News Headline…Adds Ridiculous Disclaimer About How They Deceived Readers

Yesterday, President Trump hosted a rally in support of Harriet Hageman, the Republican running to unseat Liz Cheney in Wyoming’s at-large Congressional district.  He didn’t mince words when describing the Cheney family, who he said were “die-hard globalists and warmongers’.

Liberals snarked at President Trump because there were empty seats before the rally.  Raw Story, a liberal rag that has amplified every anti-trump conspiracy known to man, published a story triumphantly claiming that Trump failed to fill the seats at the rally.

Pictures and videos from the rally once it had started seemed to disprove their claim, showing a packed arena that may have been the biggest crowd in Wyoming history, according to one source.

After videos continued to flood in showing the sold-out arena, Raw Story was forced to issue a retraction.  Rather than just admitting they were wrong outright, they made sure to take a parting shot at him, saying he ‘finally’ filled the arena.  They made sure to keep the fake news headline up on Twitter so their gullible audience could still share it to discredit Trump.

Hours after the correction was issued on the website; liberals were still replying to the original headline on Twitter mocking President Trump and his supporters.


Raw Story is one of many liberal publications that has made opposing ‘fake news’ and ‘disinformation’ their raison d’etre.  Last month, they published an article hand-wringing about the deaths of vaccine skeptical people titled ‘The deadly reason Republicans are suckers for fake news.’

As usual, it’s apparent that they are telling on themselves with their obsession with fake news.

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