LOL! Fauci Ready To Bring Back Indoor Mask Mandates As Biden’s Poll Numbers Crash [VIDEO]

Since Democrats have taken power in 2020, they have proven that they have no constructive agenda besides promoting race hatred and LGBT propaganda in our schools.  Biden has no solution to the crime wave sweeping our country, the millions of immigrants pouring across the border, the war in Ukraine, or the shambolic state of our economy.

Instead, the Democrat’s new strategy is to pivot to new manufactured crises to distract from the suffering they have caused at home and abroad.

Biden’s poll numbers continue to hover in the mid to high 30’s, and political experts across the aisle are predicting a red wave in the 2022 midterms.

After they milked January 6th and Ukraine for everything it was worth, trying to accuse Republicans of treason once again, they seem ready to return to Covid-19

Today, Fauci said that people may need to start masking indoors again due to an uptick in Covid cases.  The CDC has called the new BA.2 variant of Covid-19 ‘highly contagious’ and predicts that Covid cases may go up as the weather gets warmer.


The Gateway Pundit Reports

“Dr. Fauci on Sunday said we may need to start wearing masks indoors again if Covid cases continue to rise.

Fauci, AKA, Dr. Death, warned the US is likely to see a fall COVID-19 surge.

Just in time for the midterms.

Fauci also said we may need to start wearing masks indoors again.

Interestingly, Dr. Fauci said it’s up to the individual to determine what they’re level of risk is before saying we may need to revert to ‘being more careful.’

“We may need to revert to being more careful and having more utilizations of masks indoors,” Fauci told ABC’s Jon Karl when asked about a potential uptick in Covid cases.

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